Pacific Rhodedendron at Honeyman State Park (+5 insets)

(+5 insets)

Too Many Pictures, Not Enough Time!
It's a gorgeous, freezing cold Sunday morning here in southern Oregon and I've got another set of pictures to share from our two-week stay at Honeyman State Park! The pictures just go on and on, and to be honest, I cannot bear to visit my folder of unprocessed photos because I know there are dozens that are worthy of sharing...but there's just not enough time! As it is, we're leaving on our next trip in a few weeks and I'll only be able to show pictures from the first part of our trip from 2021! I could get upset, I could skip forward and post a single picture from all the places we went, but in the end I think it doesn't matter, does it? The whole point, for me, is to share some of the lovely and wonderful things I've seen in the hopes to bring a smile to your face, to take you away from your troubles for a moment, to make you think about the subject, to try to dazzle and delight--to make you happy. I don't need to show every picture I captured, I merely need to show what I can with the hopes to get a smile and feeling of enjoyment from you. :) If I can do that, I have succeeded. :) So...here we go!

Today's Picture
Have you ever seen a forest full of native Rhododendrons just beginning to explode into bloom? It's quite the sight, let me tell you! It was our lucky fortune that these shrubs--generally large but sometimes quite massive, rivaling full-sized trees in size--were just starting their show and the fireworks began a few days after we arrived. The outrageous pinks and magentas, combined with sun streaming through the petals to turn the blossoms into glowing beacons, was just breathtaking!

Today's Insets
Inset #1: Look at the crazy bokeh I got that showcases this cone from a Larch tree! (I'm not positive about the ID, please correct me if I'm not right!) Simply stunning...I loves seeing these trees covered with their countless cones, the texture is just grand!

Inset #2: After a rainy night, I went on a wonderful droplet-filled walk and as I was heading to the first trail leading out of the park I saw this gorgeous crow sitting on a dripping power line. They are so beautiful but equally annoying with the ruckus they cause...so much noise!

Inset #3: Can you even believe how cool this plant-stuffed island is? As you can imagine, it was a favorite sight and I walked out to unobstructed views like this one every day. I would stand and stare in wonder, watching geese and ducks swim and fly by, and I'd appreciate the sunlight shining through the trees. It was a rare treat that I was very aware of so I always took many long looks as I hiked along Woahink Lake to the forest loop at the far side of the trail.

Inset #4: This wide conifer-filled pano shows the hill leading up and leading back to the beginning of the forest loop that I was so enamored by. Everywhere along this loop I would stop and stand perfectly still to take it all in. I listened to the birds going about their business and watch squirrels climb trees and leap from one to the next, swinging in the branches. I looked at the light that showed me treasures from this special place. It was an incredible, special area, and I could literally feel the warm and welcoming glow from the forest here.

Inset #5: Last, another sand dunes picture to remind you where we were! Just next to the campground, a dry desert area led for 30 miles up and down the coast, and though the dunes seemed to have nothing in them, were in fact, the breeding ground for endangered birds. So only some areas were open to people and their playthings--dune buggies, atvs and sand skiis!

Thank You So Much
I cannot express strongly enough, my thankfulness for your visits, comments and stars when I've not been able to visit in return. I have actually gone to see my doctor about my anxiety and am trying out Lexepro. You know, I only just started and already I'm feeling a little better! Let's cross our fingers that I'm back to my normal chatty self soon! Please take care of yourselves and have a great Sunday and beginning of your week!

Explored on 1/23/22; highest placement #2.
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Annemarie said:

wonderful Janet

( how are you?)
5 months ago

Boro said:

Superbe ************
5 months ago ( translate )

cammino said:

Beautiful close-up. Very beautiful with a fine colour and in pleasant light.
5 months ago

Ulrich John said:

What a beauty !
5 months ago

Boarischa Krautmo said:

5 months ago ( translate )

Günter Klaus said:

......das sind wieder Aufnahmen,die zeigen,wie schön die Natur ist liebe Janet und du zeigst sie immer von ihrer schönsten Seite:))

......wünsche noch einen schönen Abend,ganz liebe Grüße Güni:))
5 months ago ( translate )

William Sutherland said:

Gorgeous capture and PIPs! Stay well!

Admired in: www.ipernity.com/group/tolerance
5 months ago

Peter Castell said:

A gorgeous flower with wonderful markings. The difficult part for you is deciding which to post, one of the joys of ipernity is that some of your photos are seen other wise you would look at them once on the computer and that would be it. I have boxes of slides that haven't been viewed for years when I fall off my twig they will just be dumped in a skip. Modern photos will never have the interest that old ones now have there are just to many of them, it's the downside of digital photography
5 months ago

niraK68 said:

love the blossom and the first inset
5 months ago

Jenny McIntyre said:

Oh what a gorgeous series of pictures sweetie. I love rhododendrons - in fact my late ex-mother in law lived in Rhododendron Avenue because of the many bushes everywhere. I love the plants. The cone and the crow are great pictures, but I must admit the picture of the lake is just breathtaking and I would certainly spend a lot of time here. I can understand how wonderful you found the woodland views - with the sun trying to pass through the trees. Then the gorgeous sand dunes are just amazing - and to see that they're 30 miles long - fantastic.

I do hope that this tablet works for you - and that you'll soon be back to your normal self. As for your photos, don't worry - when you have time you can do it. No rush. xxx
5 months ago

José Manuel Polo said:

Especialmente la foto de portada es bellísima. Saludos, Janet
5 months ago ( translate )

vero said:

une fleur merveilleuse, très belle une série sur la beauté de la nature des photos d'une telle splendeur ,Janet, des prises de rêves ,c'est grandiose en admiration devant ce lac, cette forêt, ces dunes c'est magnifique Janet, merçii pour ce très beau partage ,belle et douce nuit bisous très bon weekend
5 months ago ( translate )

PascalL said:

superbe série, bonne semaine
5 months ago ( translate )

Dominique 60 said:

superbes details janet !!
5 months ago ( translate )

Wilfried said:

so viele schöne Fotos würde ich nicht alle auf einmal zeigen Janet
5 months ago ( translate )