Magnificent Deschutes River at LaPine State Park (+3 insets)

(+3 insets) (This is another jaw-dropping pano best seen at full size! It's worth it! :D)

Off and away to LaPine State Park!
After our fantastic stay at The Cove Palisades, we made a bee-line for one of our favorite destinations--LaPine State Park!

You wouldn't think that a high-desert location would be so wonderful--after all, the plant life is pretty monotonous, mostly a seemingly endless conifer forest and drought-tolerant bushes--but the forest is breathtaking just the same, and there's a pair of gorgeous rivers to fawn over and the wildlife is a joy to encounter too.

The highlight for us are the fantastic assortment of wonderful trails that ring the park and take adventurers past this park's finest qualities. Miles of lovely scenery, riverside views, and a blissful area to explore which never gets old.

Wonderful Trails for Walking
In the mornings I enjoy walking on miles of trails that include so many highlights of the park. Along the way I pause here and there to breathe in the rich scent of warming sap and appreciate the golden light, dappled shadows and twinkling reflections on the Deschutes River. I relish the sounds of birds who've started their day, calling back and forth, and it's a fun game to count how many species I can distinguish. The commentary from squirrels and chipmunks always elicits a snicker and a grin as I listen gleefully--usually arguments about pine nuts or the outrage of seeing me in their forest--how rude of me to be there! Now LEAVE! Ha! Watching the sun peek over ridgelines at the river's edge, I pause to listen to the powerful rush of water passing by a clog of tree limbs caught along the bank. There are endless things I get to appreciate on each relished morning walk, what a joy.

Incredible Trails for Mountain Bike Riding
Of all the state parks we've been to, mountain bike riding on the trails at LaPine is one of our two favorite spots. We worked out a string of trails which loops the whole park, goes along both of the park's rivers and shows off the best of LaPine's high-desert beauty. The ride, which takes about one and a half hours, is like the very best amusement park ride in the world but it's on a bike and you're in control! The paths weave in and out of the trees, sometimes going around massive fallen conifers or negotiating between perfectly-spaced trunks. The mostly single-wide trail zips along the rivers where the water may be rushing down a narrow place or lazily rounding a serpentine turn where the river slows. I feel like I'm on a flat rollercoaster ride sometimes, the way the path races around sweeping turns and then up and down over hills and around through the forest! By the time Steve and I slow to a stop at our campsite, we're exhilarated, exercised, and beaming with happiness--what a ride!! This is something we try to do as many days on our trip as we can fit in because it's just the best!

Today's Picture
My main picture is a panorama of one of Deschutes River's breathtaking serpentine turns. Every morning I would come to this spot and stare in amazement. It's called McGregor's Memorial Viewpoint, granted to a fellow who spent his older years promoting Oregon's natural resources. (If you'd like to see the memorial plaque, a newspaper article, and many pictures of this gorgeous spot by another fan, please visit this page: Donald McGregor Memorial Viewpoint)

Today's Insets:
Inset One: The first day we rode the entire 10+ mile loop, we made sure to ride our bikes a few minutes from the trail over to the popular fly-fishing spot on the Fall River to gaze at its beauty. I parked my bike and then realized it would make a really neat shot, so here you go! When it's busy here, there can be a dozen fly-fishermen casting again and again into the 1-2-foot deep water. Last year when we discovered this cool place, there were so many rainbow trout in the water that you could see them clearly as they swam in place, waiting for goodies to float downstream to their waiting maws!

Inset Two: Another favorite part of my morning walk is about half a mile from our campsite at a place I call "the corner of the river." Here the Deschutes River makes an abrupt turn around a point and when you step out to the end of it, the upstream view I'm sharing is what I would see each day. Isn't it spectacular? And do you see the log in front that leads into the water? I called it "The Bouncing Log", because, believe it or not, it truly did! The current is strong enough that it makes the log move and I even I made a video of this because in all my days, I've never seen anything like this! (I'll upload the video when I can and will let you know when it's available to watch)

Inset Three: This collage features pictures that are not crisp but instead show images of a bird that I've always wanted to see--a kingfisher! I was walking up to the "corner of the river" when I heard a loud splash. Turning to see what it might be, I immediately crossed my fingers because it didn't sound like a fish jumping, nor a rock being tossed into the current. A blur of movement and--SQUEEEEE!!!!--I saw a bird flying low over the water to land on a branch next to the bank. Too far for me to see with my eyes, I fired up my Sony and zoomed to 600mm, targeting the little blob I saw. A KINGFISHER!!! AHHHHHHH!!!! I had just enough time for several pictures before it flew off and away to another fishing spot but I did get a few! I was amazed that the shots were at least fair since they were so far away. But this meant I could only share them as a collage, was actually just what I wanted! :) No prizes for quality but I can't help but share my bucket list birdy! :)

Hope everyone is doing well! It's starting to get hot again around here and the wildfires are raising their blazing heads again, but let's cross our fingers that we'll have a safer summer this year!

Explored on 7/09/21; highest placement #14.
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Indeed a fantastic place, Janet! Wonderful vegetation along the river, love your bright red bike and I'm glad you got your kingfisher!
Looking forward to seeing the rattling log, too :)))
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A wonderful view Janet especially when viewed large, I've never heard of a Belted Kingfisher I'm pleased you got it. I've not seen one of ours for years
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Fabulous pictures of a magnificent landscape, Janet!
The inserted collage is equally just wonderful, and I love the element of movement.
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