Cleawox Lake and Sand Dune at Honeyman State Park (+3 insets)

(+3 insets)(view large to really enjoy the scene!)

Time To Head Up the Road to Honeyman!
Time flies and after a fantastic week-long stay at Tugman State Park, we packed up and moved a short 30-minute drive up the coast to Honeyman State Park.

We have driven past this park several times in the past couple of years but didn't have the chance to stay here until now. Since Tugman State Park is so close to Honeyman, we drove through the campground last year to check it out. WOW! So huge! Eight loops brimming with over 400 well-spaced sites nestled in a lovely forest, and just next to the Oregon Dunes! We really wanted to stay here, so when it came time to book our 2021 trip, we made sure to secure a spot. You can imagine how happy we were to get a full two weeks in the site that was perfect for us! Hooray!

Today's Picture
Honeyman is a short walk from several lakes, including beautiful Cleowox Lake. On our first morning here, I popped out of bed and hot-footed through the entire length of the campground--a 10-minute walk. Then I went along a nature trail that passed tiny Lily Lake (a large pond) and popped out at the edge of Cleowox Lake.

The sun was shining brightly as I walked out onto their floating dock and the view out there totally took my breath away. The main picture today is a panorama which shows the lake where one of the dunes reaches the lake. We can't get over the combination of dune + water feature! (The Skeleton Coast of Namibia is totally on my bucket list!)

Today's Insets
The first inset shows the mist rising up off the lake in the other direction, the sun's rays shining down and creating cool lens effects. I'm also sharing a picture of glowing moss and leaves along the trail out to Cleowox Lake. Finally, morning sunlight filtering through another tree and casting beautiful shadows on the pavement just couldn't be ignored!

I hope you are all having a wonderful week!

Explored on 4/30/21; highest placement #21.
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cammino said:

Beautiful landscape. Certainly a good hiking area.
5 months ago ( translate )

Malik Raoulda said:

Belle prise de vue et bien embellie avec cette réflexion.
5 months ago ( translate )

Annemarie said:

very very beautiful Janet
5 months ago ( translate )

José Manuel Polo said:

Bonitas fotos de naturaleza.
5 months ago ( translate )

Peter Castell said:

A wonderful place enhanced by the gorgeous sky Janet
5 months ago

Boarischa Krautmo said:

5 months ago ( translate )

vero said:

des merveilles de la nature, de beaux trésors , magnifique, belle soirée Janet
5 months ago ( translate )

Jenny McIntyre said:

This looks a wonderful place to visit Janet. I can fully understand your eagerness to visit and stay here. How lovely to see the sand dune coming down to the lake. Yes the skeleton coast of Namibia is a place that, if I was nimble enough, I would like to visit. Thank you for keeping us informed of your exploits - it's fascinating.
5 months ago

Eva Lewitus said:

Wonderful, the sky, the reflection, the colors: Thanks
5 months ago

micritter said:

A very beautiful series.
5 months ago ( translate )

PascalL said:

belle série, bonne journée
5 months ago ( translate )

tiabunna said:

A beautiful series of images, Janet. Glad your travels are going well.
5 months ago

Stefani Wehner said:

Amazing view and shots, Janet!
5 months ago

* ઇઉ * said:

The pictures give the impression of diving into a fairy tale world full of magic.
Awesome series, Janet.
Keep well, and enjoy your weekend!
5 months ago

Ulrich John said:

Clam, peaceful, beautiful, Janet !
5 months ago ( translate )