Dappled Shadows at LL Stub Stewart State Park! (+3 insets)

(+3 insets)

Detroit Lake Was Not Our Cup of Tea
Although we had a really nice time at Detroit Lake State Park, we weren't sad to leave. It was too loud and frenetic with too many people--including large, multi-families mixing without safeguards--we felt like campers were being very territorial and disrespectful of everyone else who was there other than them. The main road past the campground was extremely loud and busy--thank goodness our campsite wasn't one of the many that were right next to it!. The lake often had boats zooming by that were so noisy you needed to plug your ears. There were groups of people openly drinking too much, being obnoxious and yelling back and forth--we even had a huge multi-family next to our site that thought it was ok to play music very loud and spread their stuff everywhere including the edge of our campsite. We actually had to complain about them; thankfully the rangers came over to enforce pandemic policies--to our great relief they left the next day and it was hard to resist adding "Don't let the door hit you on the way out!"

Granted, this place really would be perfect for water sport fans and families. It just wasn't for us. We like it quiet and intimate and want to be around like-minded folk who love nature, solitude and respect the peaceful revery of camping.

Onwards to a Favorite: L.L. Stub Stewart State Park!
A few hour's drive north brought us back to one of our top campgrounds, L.L. Stub Stewart. I've gone on and on about the wonders of this place. Hiking, biking, hanging out…and there's just so much more. It's a marvelous slice of heaven and we were delighted to have the opportunity to stay for nearly two weeks!

Today's Picture
I'm sharing an image of a common sight at L.L. Stub Stewart--mesmerizing shadows undulating over beautiful forest trails. There have been times where I couldn't progress more than a few feet before stopping yet again for another picture! :)

Today's Insets
My first inset shows a different trail we walked on in the park--there are literally dozens of them! My second and third insets are my last from Detroit Lake State Park--one of them is a collage showing a neon blue mud dauber wasp on creeping sage. The other shows a drying flower with others behind it in soft bokeh. There were many other pictures I wanted to process from Detroit Lake but I ran out of time and will have to revisit them down the road.

Thanks So Much!
I hope you are all doing well! I appreciate all of your visits so much and I hope that my pictures make you happy…please stay safe, warm and dry!

Explored on 4/05/21; highest placement #1.
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Tanja - Loughcrew said:

Das Hauptbild spricht mich so sehr an liebe Janet...dieses Stückchen Wald mit dem unvergleichlichen Licht zwischen den Bäumen und am Boden...die PiPs komplettieren das Foto...aber in dieses Hauptbild konnte ich mich sofort verlieben...es ist wunderbar!
Alles Gute und viel Gesundheit Dir, Janet :)
11 days ago ( translate )

Peter Castell said:

Wonderful light and shade and lovely lines from the tree trunks, I like the third insert with the wonderful soft colours and great details. I can sympathise with your description of the park living on a small island with to many people the popular places are not worth going to, with the relaxing of restrictions and overseas travel not an option at the moment it will be worse than usual
11 days ago

Jenny McIntyre said:

Fantastic pictures as usual, Janet. I'm not in the least surprised that you have to stop so often to take pictures - the scenery is just wonderful. I do hope you find a quiet campsite this time. I look forward to hearing about your trips and looking at your photos.
11 days ago

dgmphoto said:

Another lovely set. I really like the way you have handled the light in the main photo.
11 days ago

Boarischa Krautmo said:

11 days ago ( translate )

Thérèse said:

Magnifique. Bravo la lumière !
11 days ago ( translate )

Andy Rodker said:

11 days ago ( translate )

slgwv said:

How was the fire damage? I thought Detroit got clobbered really badly in the wildfires last fall (surprised the park is even open!)
11 days ago

Frank J Casella said:

Nice lines and shadow play, Janet. Almost abstract like.
11 days ago ( translate )

William Sutherland said:

Awesome series! Stay well!

Admired in:
11 days ago ( translate )

PascalL said:

belle série, bonne journée
11 days ago ( translate )

Jadviga Grase said:

Fantastic pictures!!!
11 days ago ( translate )

neira-Dan said:

La nature est belle chez toi ; et bien captée
11 days ago ( translate )

stopmaster said:

Thank you for sharing on

Wakdwege Group
11 days ago

Pam J said:


11 days ago