A Pretty Bow to Start the Week From Tugman State Park (+5 insets!)

(+5 insets!)

Keep Your Eyes Open: You Never Know What You'll Find!
Steve and I spent an absolutely wonderful week at William Tugman State Park and every morning I started it with a walk on the 1.1 mile trail around the edge of Eel Lake. What a gorgeous trail--it had everything! A lovely view of the lake, a meandering, well-maintained trail that meandered through a deep forest along its edge, four cool foot bridges to cross, and so much flora and fauna along the way!

I only took my camera with me a few times but it was a good thing I warned Steve that I'd left the trailer with one because without fail I took twice as long to get back because I kept finding fabulous subjects to capture!

Today's Pictures
When I was returning from the end of the path where it terminates at a bench overlooking Eel Lake, I saw a bright red flash on a branch. Taking a closer look, I discovered a pretty hair clip adorned with a red bow. Apparently a little girl had lost it while frolicking and somebody else came along and clipped it onto a branch when they found it laying on the trail. Then I arrived and recognized the opportunity for a cool picture! Huzzah! :)

Today's Insets
I'm sharing another trail shot, a lovely wild grass head festooned with pollen, and two ripening thimbleberries in the center of their perfect star-shaped sepals; I'm also including a very cool sight: what looks like a flower is actually the opened and ripening seed pod of a Trillium. Finally, you'll see the shadow-play that I saw in my bedroom one morning before I rolled up the blind. I am often mesmerized by this show if we happen to be positioned where the shadows of a bush or tree are cast on my window shade. The shadows will often move back and forth, sometimes changing shape and paralyzing me as I enjoy the show.

Thank You!
I really can't tell you exactly how nice it feels that you have all been enjoying my pictures so much. It makes me feel so giddy! It's my wish to make you smile, feel surprised, make you think, present you with something new or transport you away from troublesome thoughts. If I can do that, I feel that I've been successful, and when you let me know…I just can't help but beam from ear to ear! Thanks so much. And the visits to your streams take me on amazing trips around the world and into your hearts, expressed by your photography. It's a pretty cool relationship we have, isn't it?! You're all terrific. :) Have a great day and please stay safe and healthy!!

Explored on 2/22/21; highest placement #3.
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Jeanne chevillard said:

Très joli commentaire,et belle photo,bonne semaine .
10 days ago ( translate )

Joe, Son of the Rock said:

I love the details and the textures in this fine macro shot. The light is sublime. The colour of the bow is beautiful. The depth of field is perfect. The quality of the bokeh is amazing. I hope you have a great new week, Janet. All the best, Joe
10 days ago

Nouchetdu38 said:

fun and very nice photo of this bow tie that seems to be an intruder in the middle of these beautiful photos of nature****************
10 days ago

Guydel said:

Le premier papillon de l'année ! Joli !
10 days ago ( translate )

uwschu said:

wieder eine sehr schöne Serie, freue mich jetzt darauf, auch mal mit dem Raynox draußen zu fotografieren. Der Blick ins Innere einer Blüte, wie du es zeigst, reizt mich sehr dabei.
Schönen Abend, Janet
10 days ago ( translate )

Annemarie said:

also the insets are fantastic
10 days ago

PascalL said:

superbe série de macros, bravo, bonne soirée
10 days ago ( translate )

Nicole Merdrignac said:

Superbe. Bonne semaine. Nicole.
10 days ago ( translate )

Eva Lewitus said:

That bow! What a find... and the PIPs, so very special each one. Thank you Janet!
10 days ago

niraK68 said:

interesting flower inserts
10 days ago ( translate )

Keith Burton said:

A real eye-catching main image...........the red bow stands out magnificently against the background. A beautiful texture too.

The PiPs are, as always, top-notch..............I really like all of them, especially the third and last ones.

Thanks for sharing these inspirational images Janet.
10 days ago

cammino said:

A beautiful find! And especially the fruit insets are very pretty!
10 days ago

Rosalyn Hilborne said:

That pretty bow makes a beautiful picture Janet.
Of course the PiP's are pretty stunning as well :-))
Take care and have a good new week.
10 days ago

Boarischa Krautmo said:

good find - nice insets!
10 days ago

Ruesterstaude said:

Toll, Janet: Insets 3 und 4 sind völlig neu für mich - und so gut fotografiert!
Die Schleife ist auch eine besondere Frucht!
10 days ago ( translate )