Girl from Ohio

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Cool Old Photo time again! (Processed in Silver Efex.)

I posted this little gang: www.ipernity.com/doc/k.e.s_kloset/41482980/in/album/744088 a while back, but they were a bit younger then and one wasn't born yet.

These are all the kids in my mom's childhood family and that's my mom, the only girl growing up in Ohio with 5 rowdy brothers (taken by my grandpa circa 1938.) I think she deserves her own song so I will dedicate this one to my mom. ♥

The Outlaws from their album "Lady In Waiting" (1976)

Girl from Ohio or Girl from Ohio
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Valfal said:

Wow, your dad was an excellent photographer; I see where you got your talent from! Great song to go with the photo, too! :-))
2 weeks ago

k.e.s_kloset replied to Valfal:

Thanks, Val. I sure wish I would have been able to learn anything from my grandpa but since they lived in Ohio I only saw them a handful of times in my life. I'm sure he had a wealth of information. :)
2 weeks ago

mixpix said:

Another great COP, any of this wild bunch still around ? Nice track from The Outlaws, Country music from gentler times !

Thanks for adding to Sight and Sound.
2 weeks ago

k.e.s_kloset replied to mixpix:

Thanks, Mick. Yeah, my mom, uncle Bob (on her lap) and my uncle Jerry next her are all still going strong.

I like this song from the Outlaws. It has a more of a "country rock" feel to it to me.
2 weeks ago

M♥rJ Photogr♥phy !!… said:

They look a Happy bunch & a great photo taken by your Grandad ...... The 2 boys back row look like Twins !!!
2 weeks ago

k.e.s_kloset replied to M♥rJ Photogr♥phy !!…:

Thank you, Marj. You're right, those two are twins and are named Tom and Jerry. :)
2 weeks ago

Kenny said:

Lovely shot of your loved ones Karen and a nice track too
2 weeks ago

k.e.s_kloset replied to Kenny:

Thanks, Kenny!
2 weeks ago ( translate )

Robert Wilson said:

A lovely group photo Karen.
2 weeks ago ( translate )

k.e.s_kloset replied to Robert Wilson:

Thank you, Robert.
2 weeks ago

Tacheles said:

Nice processing, thanks for posting in our group.
2 weeks ago

k.e.s_kloset replied to Tacheles:

Danke, Norbert. My pleasure. :)
2 weeks ago ( translate )

Adele said:

So lovely, all of them, Karen! They look so happy....yes , your mother does deserve this nice song!! :)
2 weeks ago

k.e.s_kloset replied to Adele:

Grazie, Adele. I treasure this photo. :)
2 weeks ago

Judith Jannetta said:

Oh, what a lovely tribe!
2 weeks ago