Supernumerary Rainbow

A supernumerary rainbow (Stetson, Maine)—August 14, 2022. A secondary rainbow (not pictured here) was located well above the primary supernumerary rainbow.
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Jaap van 't Veen said:

Beautiful rainbow; well captured.
5 months ago ( translate )

Ko Hummel said:

a very nice picture of the interference, supernumerar rainbow. You don't see that very often.Great picture
5 months ago

©UdoSm said:

Beautiful captured Don...
5 months ago ( translate )

Trudy Tuinstra said:

5 months ago ( translate )

Günter Klaus said:

Da hast du einen wunderschönen Regenbogen gehabt lieber Don :))

Wünsche noch einen schönen Abend,ganz liebe Grüße Güni :))
5 months ago ( translate )

Christa1004 said:

It is said it's a lucky charm and the "slide of angels" ;-))
5 months ago

William Sutherland said:

Beautiful rainbow capture! Stay well!

Admired in: www.ipernity.com/group/tolerance
5 months ago ( translate )

Roger (Grisly) said:

Lovely colours and a superb capture Don.
5 months ago ( translate )

Rosalyn Hilborne said:

Oh that's beautiful Don. I would love to see one here...but first we need rain!
5 months ago

Nora Caracci said:

delicate and dreamlike !
5 months ago ( translate )

Xata said:

Rainbows are always a dream, a good photo like this is not always possible !
5 months ago

Josiane Dirickx said:

J'ai une histoire amusante au sujet d'un arc en ciel ! un jour un arc en ciel paraît dans le ciel et une petite fille le regarde avec admiration et dit à sa mamie : oh mamie je voudrais bien aller m'assoir dessus ! ( histoire réelle ! )
5 months ago ( translate )

Andy Rodker said:

Beautiful shot, Don!
5 months ago

Peter Castell said:

Very nicely captured Don
5 months ago ( translate )

Eunice Perkins said:

How beautiful!! Excellently captured!
5 months ago ( translate )