My Office Door Is Always Open

Open door Sunday Challenge. This "office" was a small building in one of the locks of the Panama Canal.

This 2018 transit was yet another Canal one for us (10 so far?), and it was made more interesting by torrential rains.
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Jaap van 't Veen said:

No need for airco !!
6 months ago

Malik Raoulda said:

Bien prise avec cette magnifique plongée.
Bonne soirée dominicale.
6 months ago ( translate )

Annemarie said:

wonderful add to the contest!
6 months ago

Pat Del said:

Aurait besoin d'un rafraîchissemment des peintures...
6 months ago ( translate )

Jenny McIntyre said:

What worries me are the two containers on the roof - are they for making electricity?
6 months ago

Robert Swanson replied to Jenny McIntyre:

Those are floodlights. I expect that anything that has to survive out in the extreme climate of Panama will show some wear.
6 months ago

MaggsMep said:

Vey different PoV!
6 months ago ( translate )

Xata said:

Colours are like here, white with the blue stripe. The stripe is done to discourage insects.
6 months ago

PhLB - Luc Boonen said:

Panama, were you crossing the Canal?
5 months ago

Robert Swanson replied to PhLB - Luc Boonen:

We've cruised through the Canal a number of times. Always interesting.
5 months ago

HaarFager said:

"My Office Is Always Open."

But you can't come in because there's no room for two people.

Very intriguing little building!
5 months ago

Gillian Everett said:

Interesting location and top down view.
5 months ago

John Lawrence said:

Thanks for posting your wonderful picture to

5 months ago