Burrito (H.A.N.W.E.)

Have a great weekend!

This burrito was our special lunch today. There was a Cinco de Mayo event in a local park, and there were dozens of food trucks around.

We saw a fellow eating the biggest burrito I've ever seen, and asked him where he got it. He pointed out the truck, and off we went. My wife and I had to share this one, it was that big!

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(oh yeah, pork, black beans, rice, and yes, potato chips(!)) The red salsa was nicely spicy.
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Thomas R. said:

Great! Had to look twice to realize it's food. Looks kind of surreal at first sight.
8 weeks ago

Nicolas Mertens said:

I totally forgot about Cinco de Mayo. What a shame.
8 weeks ago

Gilbert H said:

Incroyable création culinaire !
8 weeks ago ( translate )

Eva Lewitus said:

Looks delicious!
4 weeks ago ( translate )