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“There is freedom waiting for you,
On the breezes of the sky,
And you ask "What if I fall?"
Oh but my darling,
What if you fly?”
~ Erin Hanson
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Spo said:

"What if you fly?" is a good question. According to studies most people leave things undone not because they are afraid to fail, but because they are afraid to succeed. Success would easily mean that their lives changed, and for many, change is the most intimidating thing in the world, sailing in unknown, uncertain seas.
5 weeks ago

Lee & Luv replied to Spo:

Sure, you are right. But that doesn't apply to me.
I love the "unknown".
If you have fun with that "unknown" it will always work for you.
Maybe you like to hear one of my heroes :-)
Dr Joe Dispenza :-)
17 Minutes of "unknown" :-))

Have fun, and a nice day :-)
5 weeks ago

Spo replied to Lee & Luv:

Of course it doesn't apply to you. If it did, the caption would be different. :)

Dr. Joe certainly has something in there – even though basically he's just pitching his books.

I'm also a tad tired of this fashionable idea that there is something inherently wrong with us, and each and everyone of us should have a personal vendetta against him/herself, act like some autoimmune disease. For that we can thank these self-help guys, who are sitting in every tree today, trying to sell us some magic that would end our miseries.

It is a bit like selling antivirus software: you first need to sell the threat.
5 weeks ago

annaig56 said:

très belle série pleine de sensualité de charme de douceur bonne journée l'amie
5 weeks ago ( translate )

Lee & Luv said:

Bonjour Annick, je suis heureuse de vous voir :-)
5 weeks ago ( translate )

Lee & Luv replied to Spo:

I don't like bias.

He was a scientist (quantum physics) long before he had an accident. He promoted his healing himself with his knowledge.

From this event (accident and healing) he developed his seminars and books.
He's helped thousands of people with his work. That counts.

As far as I am concerned he can sell as many books as he wants, if it only helps one person then it is right.

For me, this was just information for you. I do not want to participate in a follow-up conversation.
I don't have time for that.

Stay happy and enjoy your time.
5 weeks ago

Spo replied to Lee & Luv:

Sure, he may sell all the books in the world, our economy is not a zero-sum game where his gain is our loss. And if he's been able to fix minds that were actually broken, all the better.
5 weeks ago

William Sutherland said:

Awesome shot! Stay well!

Admired in:
5 weeks ago

Lee & Luv replied to William Sutherland:

Thank you much William, stay well too :-)
5 weeks ago

Lee & Luv said:

Thank you much for your visit and the kind comments and the beautiful stars.☼ ;-)
5 weeks ago