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A bit of Ye' Olde' World' photo treatment to a long established store,..local to us,. is 'French's the Ironmongers' in the North Derbyshire town of 'Eckington' - under the same family ownership for many generations..and selling a countless number of items including your required gallons / litres of paraffin via a tap from a tank.
The gap to the left is known as 'Pilkingtons' yard' which along with other 'yards' is named from early Eckington families..
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Kayleigh said:

Sehr schönes Gebäude mit sehr guter Bearbeitung, ich wünsche einen schönen Sonntag :-)
4 months ago ( translate )

David G Johnson replied to Kayleigh:

Thanks Kayleigh,.. a ''Good and fine Sunday'' to you too - from > Dj.
4 months ago

Jaap van 't Veen said:

Nostalgic one !!
Well captured and processed.
4 months ago ( translate )

David G Johnson replied to Jaap van 't Veen:

Cheers ' Jaap,..... keep well and go steady - // Dj.
4 months ago ( translate )

Nicolas Mertens said:

Nicely done.
4 months ago ( translate )

David G Johnson replied to Nicolas Mertens:

Thanks Nicolas,.. good wishes to you - and keep well youth,.... from Dj. U.K..
4 months ago

Makrofan said:

Sehr gelungen! Wünsche dir einen schönen Sonntag!
4 months ago ( translate )

David G Johnson replied to Makrofan:

Thanks Karl,..... have a good Sunday yourself,.. and Cheers'' from > Dj.. UK.
4 months ago

Keith Burton said:

"Proper" ironmongers seem to be a dying breed David. The last shop we had like this in our town closed quite a few years ago now..........and is greatly missed. I like the fact I could go there and buy just a couple of screws.........instead of having to buy a multipack of 12. Proper customer service, local knowledge and good advice given freely.

I hope your one stays there for many years yet!

A beautiful capture............with superb detail. The processing is perfect..!!
4 months ago

David G Johnson replied to Keith Burton:

Many thanks Keith,.. yes,.you have accurately summed up this shop too ,. a traditional old family business that get fewer as years roll on,.. // Keep well and Warm Wishes to you - from Dj.
4 months ago

TOZ said:

Hi David super Image with super processing love the sepia.
Have a great day
4 months ago

David G Johnson replied to TOZ:

Thanks Gordon,.... keep well and Cheers'.... from Dj.
4 months ago ( translate )

Herb Riddle said:

A smashing bit of history here although recorded just days ago. Yes, these shops are getting less and less and so will be just history soon. I like your treatment in sepia too.

Best Wishes. Herb
3 months ago

David G Johnson replied to Herb Riddle:

Gotcha thanks Herb,.. keep well and Cheers'' from > Dj.
3 months ago

Heide said:

Ein wunderbares Photo, sehr schön und realistisch auf "Alt" bearbeitet.
3 months ago ( translate )