A ''HFF'' to everyone..... from Dj.

A photograph from September 2013 - walking the Levadas' of Madeira'... showing one of the many man made water carrying channels - here cut out of the cliff face - and where walkers need to duck and cover beneath a plummeting water fall - carrying the waterproof WG-3 on the day was intentional and the walk,, was great fun.

Have a mighty fine 'Happy fence Friday' everyone - from Dj.
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Erhard Bernstein said:

"waterproof" seems to be important ;-)
HFF, Dj!
2 months ago

David G Johnson replied to Erhard Bernstein:

Sure thing Erhard.. it was - several times... // A HFF and a ''good weekend'' to you from Dj
2 months ago

Loose_Grip said:

Beautiful place a walk David.
HFF & have a great weekend.
2 months ago

David G Johnson replied to Loose_Grip:

Thanks L.G you too have a fine weekend - and a HFF from Dj.
2 months ago

Keith Burton said:

What a beautiful place David...........such wonderful, lush greenery! It's easy to see why you took a waterproof camera with you and looking at this photo, you put it to good use!

Have a lovely day and weekend.
2 months ago

David G Johnson replied to Keith Burton:

Thanks a lot Keith.. anyone with an exposed expensive camera would have been very nervous !..
A ''HFF'' to you - and do have a fine weekend too - Cheers from Dj.
2 months ago

Stephan Fey said:

HFF, David! Awesome Levada! I walked along exactly the same one! Have a good weekend!
2 months ago

David G Johnson replied to Stephan Fey:

Brilliant ! Stephan.,. I hope that you have as many good memories as we do - a HFF to you and keep well - from David J.. UK.
2 months ago

Andy Rodker said:

It does look like fun, Dave!
2 months ago ( translate )

David G Johnson replied to Andy Rodker:

Gotcha'.. thanks Andy.. it sure was an interesting walk - wet to the right and death to the left !
Keep good - and a HFF to you - from Dj.
2 months ago

Nicolas Mertens said:

Great shot, wonderful place!
I enjoyed looking at the map.
2 months ago

David G Johnson replied to Nicolas Mertens:

Thanks Nicolas.... I zoom out on maps from time to time in order to see just where places are.. I've learned a lot - keep well and do have a good weekend,.. Cheers from Dj.
2 months ago

Erika+Manfred said:

We walked also Levadas, years ago

HFF, have a fine weekend
2 months ago ( translate )

Steve Paxton said:

A place my wife comes from as yet to visit glad to see your shot part i have heard about, HFF all the best from myself.
2 months ago

Marco F. Delminho said:

HFF und ein sonniges Pfingstwochenende
2 months ago ( translate )