Vietnam 2016 / Hoi An / Danang 1xPiP

Lotus flowers are found everywhere in Asia, here in the temple, also in sandstone.

The meaning of this mythical plant stands for transformation, purity, love and spiritual enlightenment. The lotus is the symbol of the absolute. The lotus flower symbol is attributed with multifaceted properties.
In many parts of Asia, the lotus flower has the meaning of rebirth and perfection and is one of the most profound symbols.
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Marie-claire Gallet said:

BEAUTIFUL, Aschi ********************
10 days ago ( translate )

Annemarie said:

love also the pip
10 days ago

vero said:

quelle merveille, Ashi, belle journée
10 days ago ( translate )

J.Garcia said:

Two versions and both very beautiful, Aschi!
It's a dazzling flower, indeed!
10 days ago

Luz •.¸¸ ㋡ said:

Uma linda flor de lótus... e tanto significado!!!
10 days ago ( translate )

╰☆☆June☆☆╮ said:

Lovely capture, have a good day !!!
10 days ago

Rosalyn Hilborne said:

I like them both!
9 days ago

Hélène Lombard said:

Une oeuvre magnifique !! Bonsoir
9 days ago ( translate )

Jenny McIntyre said:

Ja, ich wusste, dass Lotusblumen in den östlichen Ländern als wichtig angesehen wurden. Ich habe so etwas noch nicht gesehen - es ist wunderschön.
8 days ago ( translate )