Stourhead House - Bearback Riding

Stourhead House is looking good inside, with many of their rooms having Christmas trees and other very tasteful decorations. The PiP shows the bigger view of the main picture.

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Herb Riddle said:

For me -the first real Christmas scene of the year Rosa. A good pair here. Well done.

Cheers. Herb
3 months ago

Rosalyn Hilborne replied to Herb Riddle:

Thank you very much Herb.
Good evening. Cheers, Rosa.
3 months ago

Annemarie said:

very very nice interior !
3 months ago ( translate )

Rosalyn Hilborne replied to Annemarie:

Thank you Annemarie.
3 months ago ( translate )

Joe, Son of the Rock said:

A pair of lovely seasonal images, Rosa. Nice to see teddy on horseback. I hope you are having an enjoyable weekend. Cheers, Joe
3 months ago

Rosalyn Hilborne replied to Joe, Son of the Rock:

Thank you for your kind comment Joe.
I hope you are also enjoying your weekend.
Cheers, Rosa.
3 months ago

Edna Edenkoben said:

The PiP is my favorite of those two because it also shows a beautifully decorated Christmas tree and lots of gift boxes ;-))
And the title is way cool, too! ;-)

Have a great weekend, Rosa!
3 months ago

Rosalyn Hilborne replied to Edna Edenkoben:

Thank you very much Edna. Pleased you like the title...it came to me all of a sudden ;-))
Wishing you a great weekend too Edna.
3 months ago

Keith Burton said:

Two lovely Christmas-related images Rosa...........full of wonderful colours, light and detail........and once again remarkable clean and clear considering the fairly high iso.

I agree with Edna (above) about the PiP. It is also my favourite of the two. Love the title though.

Stourhead house just keeps on giving.................
3 months ago

Rosalyn Hilborne replied to Keith Burton:

Thank you very much for your kind comments Keith. It was quite dark in all the rooms, so I put the camera on auto with no flash. I had to get rid of some noise on this shot though.
A few more to come of Stourhead's festive delights ;-))
3 months ago

Madeleine Defawes said:

Superbe ambiance de Noël bien captée !
Bon weekend. Amitiés
3 months ago ( translate )

Rosalyn Hilborne replied to Madeleine Defawes:

Thank you very much Madeleine.
Enjoy your weekend.
3 months ago ( translate )

Jocelyne Villoing said:

Et tous les ans ça recommence on est toujours autant émerveillé !
Bon WE Rosa. Bisous.
3 months ago ( translate )

Betty【ツ】 said:

Sooooo beautiful! ❤️❤️
3 months ago ( translate )

Stephan Fey said:

Ride, teddy ride!! :-)
3 months ago