St Michael the Archangel Church ~ Mere

The oldest part of the building dates to the 13th century, and the striking 38 metre high tower is 15th century, with tall pinnacles that can be seen for miles around.
Also one of the very old houses around the Church Close.

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Nouchetdu38 said:

Again a nice place in rural England!!!!!!!
Thanks for the discovery!!!!!
9 days ago

Rosalyn Hilborne replied to Nouchetdu38:

Thank you for your great comments Nouchet :-))
9 days ago

Jaap van 't Veen said:

Beautiful church and image.
9 days ago ( translate )

Rosalyn Hilborne replied to Jaap van 't Veen:

Thank you Jaap.
9 days ago ( translate )

John Goodwin said:

Lovely photos of this ancient church and house.Rosa....
very interesting info as well...John.
9 days ago

Rosalyn Hilborne replied to John Goodwin:

Thank you John.
9 days ago

Nick Weall said:

Lovely image of the church Rosa and love the rickety gate
9 days ago

Rosalyn Hilborne replied to Nick Weall:

Glad you noticed the gate Nick :) Thanks for your kind comments.
9 days ago

Pat Del said:

Excellent view of this pretty city !
9 days ago

Rosalyn Hilborne replied to Pat Del:

Thank you Pat.
9 days ago

Peter Castell said:

A beautiful image of an English village church, I'n always amazed that the effort that went into building them with the available tools at the time. the arch over the gate looks like there is something missing it doesn't seem to serve any purpose. An afternoon snoozing in the summer house Rosalyn ????
9 days ago

Rosalyn Hilborne replied to Peter Castell:

Yes they are amazing buildings. The arch maybe had a flower climbing it once and maybe a container at the top? I don't know but it seems the most feasible answer. No snoozing for me today....that's a Sunday job ;-)
9 days ago

Ulrich John said:

Wow ! That looks really great ! A fine architectural picture !
9 days ago

HappySnapper said:

Good shot Rosalyn, a well manicured set of trees along the footpath.
9 days ago

Doug Shepherd said:

Great capture of the very striking tower Ross and I love the old houses. Looks to me like the the arch over the gate may had held a lantern at some time, or is it a later addition.

Best regards, Doug
9 days ago