HFF from Lanzarote

HFF from Lanzarote
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gezginruh said:

Another nice sunny day in Lanzarote,and a lovely composition!

HFF dear Nick! Enjoy your weekend!

Best wishes
8 weeks ago

Nick Weall replied to gezginruh:

Hi Füsun ~ Yes we were very lucky with sun every day.

Thanks a lot for your good wishes which I reciprocate

Warm wishes ~~~ Nick
8 weeks ago

Amelia said:

I really like these colourful barriers, but having a ride on this piece of play equipment would do me in. ;-)))
HFF dear Nick, and enjoy the Bank Holiday - if you aren't already retired already. If you are - enjoy a normal Monday. ;-)
8 weeks ago

Nick Weall said:

Lucie is the swinger ~ Finn rushed ahead out of shot. Yes best left alone for us crumblies.

I'm not quite retired, but almost there doing a couple of hours a day or so.

Let us enjoy whatever comes along :~)
8 weeks ago

Xata said:

Joyful fencing, HFF Nick
8 weeks ago ( translate )

Nick Weall replied to Xata:

Thank you ~ Hanwe
7 weeks ago

Wierd Folkersma said:

nice children's place, HFF!
8 weeks ago ( translate )

Nick Weall replied to Wierd Folkersma:

Thank you Wierd ~ Hanwe
7 weeks ago ( translate )

GoSloMo said:

Ooooo - she looks like she is having fun - would love to have a go on the swing, but I doubt if adults are allowed! Lovey bright and colourful fence. HFF
8 weeks ago

Nick Weall replied to GoSloMo:

Go on give it a try :~) some one will rescue you
7 weeks ago

Christa1004 said:

I guess once you are sitting in this dish, it must be difficult to get out;-))) HFF Nick.
8 weeks ago

Nick Weall replied to Christa1004:

I would imagine so
7 weeks ago ( translate )

Ecobird said:

A cheerful, bright and colourful fence and a nicely composed scene Nick. That 'dish' looks a bit of a challenge - not sure I could get into it let alone climb out again!!

HFF and have a good weekend
8 weeks ago

Nick Weall replied to Ecobird:

I think a running dive with a twist would get you in Carol ~ getting out is another matter :~) Hanwe
7 weeks ago

Trudy Tuinstra said:

Have a good weekend
7 weeks ago ( translate )