After a nice rain shower !!

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Nick Weall said:

Everything is looking refreshed dear Sarah ~ Hugs
15 months ago

Sarah O' replied to Nick Weall:

Thanks dear Nick. YES INDEED... and we truly needed this shower. Hugs !!
15 months ago

Rosalyn Hilborne said:

It loos so beautiful after being refreshed by the shower Sarah!
A lovely hydrangea. Mine is just starting to flower.
All the best, Rosa.
15 months ago

Sarah O' replied to Rosalyn Hilborne:

Hey Rosa, Thanks for your kind comment, I appreciate the visit as always. IVE ENJOYED THIS HYDRANGEA so much Rosa. BUT now it is fading a bit and I think I have in the wrong place, its really hot at this location, AND it may should be in the ground AND NOT in a pot, but this was an experiment this year to try it in a large pot. I hope yours will bloom beautifully for you...
all the best, Sarah
15 months ago

MaggsMep said:

I love the smell after a refreshing rain shower !
15 months ago

Sarah O' replied to MaggsMep:

Yes Indeed Maggs, me too....you can see the warm mist rising in the distance off the street.
Thanks a lot for your visit and comment. !
15 months ago

gezginruh said:

Lovely picture,Sarah!

Best wishes
15 months ago ( translate )

Sarah O' replied to gezginruh:

Fusun, THANK YOU... so kind of you...good to see you. Best wishes, Sarah
15 months ago

Doug Shepherd said:

A lovely fresh look to the garden after the rain Sarah. The beautiful hydrangea steals the show!

Best regards, Doug
15 months ago

Sarah O' replied to Doug Shepherd:

Hey there Doug, thank you!! I thought so too Doug. made my hydrangea really shine !! :) thanks for your kind comment on the Hydrangea. Best regards, Sarah
15 months ago

Amelia said:

Are you sure it wasn't watered by the hosepipe that's lying around? ;-) A very neat and colourful garden, Sarah.
15 months ago

Sarah O' replied to Amelia:

NO Amelia, the title was not a mistake!! the hosepipe stays there for quick watering of my roses that are just out of sight here to the right. it is sooo dry here. this shower was such a blessing. thanks for your visit..
15 months ago

Nouchetdu38 said:

Rain revives and beautifies nature! Here is the proof!!!!!
I wish you a beautiful and happy week ****
15 months ago