Summer blooms... 2022

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Andy Rodker said:

How wonderful!
8 weeks ago ( translate )

Sarah O' replied to Andy Rodker:

THANK YOU so much Andy !!!
7 weeks ago

Nick Weall said:

Blooming nice Sarah ~ hugs Nick
8 weeks ago

Sarah O' replied to Nick Weall:

Hey Nick, thank you so much too, hugs returned.... Sarah
7 weeks ago

Rosalyn Hilborne said:

I agree with Nick, blooming lovely Sarah! A very pretty and well stocked garden.
Best wishes, Rosa.
8 weeks ago

Sarah O' replied to Rosalyn Hilborne:

Hey Rosa, thanks for agreeing with our friend Nick :)) I so appreciate the kind comment.
this shot was "drawn up close" when I snapped it, so the house looks scaled down a lot. :)) The columns are NOT that close together. :)) best wishes Rosa... Sarah
7 weeks ago

Doug Shepherd said:

Beautiful blooms Sarah, lovely to see.

Best regards, Doug
8 weeks ago

Sarah O' replied to Doug Shepherd:

Doug, What a nice comment....So glad you came by for a look, appreciate your visit..
Best wishes, Sarah
7 weeks ago

Ronald Losure said:

Very pretty day-lilies and potted plants, Sarah.
7 weeks ago

Sarah O' replied to Ronald Losure:

Hey Ronald, thank you very much....the day lilies really put on a show this year, still doing so :))
the Petunias in those black urns have faded a lot in out extreme HEAT...
7 weeks ago

Peter_Private_Box said:

Hi Sarah
A wonderful picture of what I presume is your garden.
Very colourful indeed!!
Best Wishes, a nice weekend, and stay safe!!
7 weeks ago

Sarah O' replied to Peter_Private_Box:

Hey Peter, thank you so much for this nice comment., YEP, your're right ! :))
all the blooms have done good EXCEPT those petunias in the black urns DOES NOT look this pretty today..THE EXTREME HEAT !! whewwww!! so so hot...

Best wishes, Sarah
7 weeks ago