A bookstore, and a lady

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Andy Rodker said:

One for Léopold, I would have thought!
7 weeks ago

Fred Fouarge replied to Andy Rodker:

Hahaha one for Leopold
7 weeks ago ( translate )

Peter_Private_Box said:

My dear Füsun,

A very nice and different picture!
The happy days long before lockdown!

The nice lady looks so happy with her books!!

Love Peter
7 weeks ago

Ulrich John said:

Happiness ! Beautiful, Füsun !
7 weeks ago ( translate )

Nick Weall said:

Love the stockings :) Warm wishes to you dear GGR
7 weeks ago

Annemarie said:

well seen
7 weeks ago ( translate )

Roger (Grisly) said:

Excellent and happy capture Fusun.
6 weeks ago ( translate )