Granite and not much else.

La Sierra de La Cabrera. Fantastic walking / scrambling country. Shot taken on a bitterly cold January day (I know it looks like high summer!)
Song for Laura.
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Madeleine Defawes said:

Superbe image sous ce beau ciel bleu !
Bonne journée. Amitiés
7 weeks ago ( translate )

Keith Burton said:

Such amazing shapes and textures.....it's difficult to imagine the forces that formed these rock formations. Beautifully captured Andy. I can tell you're yearning to get back to these :-)
7 weeks ago

Annemarie said:

so beautiful granite wall
7 weeks ago ( translate )

Jaap van 't Veen said:

Wonderful rock formatiions.
7 weeks ago ( translate )

William Sutherland said:

Awesome formations and shot! Stay well!

Admired in: www.ipernity.com/group/tolerance
7 weeks ago

Malik Raoulda said:

IMPECCABLE...Du granite plein la Sierra.
Bonne journée.
7 weeks ago ( translate )

Armando Taborda said:

...erosion sculptures...
7 weeks ago ( translate )

Boro said:

Superbe ******
7 weeks ago ( translate )

TOZ said:

Hi Andy a place Id love to be.
All the best TOZ
7 weeks ago

Rosalyn Hilborne said:

Great shapes Andy. I bet it was warmer than here today though!
7 weeks ago

Fred Fouarge said:

de reuzen hand---
mooi Andy
7 weeks ago ( translate )

Fred Fouarge said:

deze ken ik niet van voorheen
7 weeks ago ( translate )

Pierre Pasqualini said:

Un pittoresque désert de granit!
7 weeks ago ( translate )

Ulrich John said:

Very pittoresque in beautiful light, Andy !
7 weeks ago

Peter_Private_Box said:

Hi Andy
I like this picture very much!
It is a very different and exciting structure in the rocks. Hard to believe it is natural.
Fantastic colours too, hard to believe it is cold.. Does Spain ever get cold???
Best Wishes, and stay safe!!
7 weeks ago