Yellow rose, second showing.

Front garden. Most of the rose bushes spent themselves out by the end of May, but a few hardy souls braved the Saharan summer and decided to have another go, and this yellow rose is a delightful one with a magical scent!
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Jenny McIntyre said:

Wow what a beauty. The plant is being very kind to you, giving you a second showing before the winter comes. I'm glad that this has a lovely scent - it's much better than these hybrid ones, pretty but no smell.
9 days ago

Andy Rodker replied to Jenny McIntyre:

Thank you, Jenny!
I'm getting up at 5 tonight so I'll keep this brief!
I'm flying back to Cornwall tomorrow to see my parents (healthwise this is now a necessity). My doctor has given me the OK to fly after I've received a new jab, specifically for co-morbidity cases like me! So I have sufficient immunity (hopefully) to see me through the fortnight!
I won't be driving in Cornwall because of Brexit and the fact that alone in Europe, Britain and Spain did not come to an agreement about driving licences post brexit. Therefore it's unlikely I'll get to my old coastal haunts. But anyway, I'll post a few shots from around Saint Day! More to come, but from Cornwall!
9 days ago

José Manuel Polo said:

Buena fotografía y la rosa es muy hermosa. Color bonito y... si tiene buen aroma; genial.
9 days ago ( translate )

William Sutherland said:

Stunning capture! Stay well!

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8 days ago ( translate )

Malik Raoulda said:

D'une beauté fascinante et délicate.
Bonne soirée.
8 days ago ( translate )

Pam J said:

8 days ago ( translate )

Madeleine Defawes said:

Superbe rose de septembre !
Bonne journée. Amitiés
8 days ago ( translate )

Pierre Pasqualini said:

C'est une très belle espèce de rose!...
8 days ago ( translate )

©UdoSm said:

A fantastic rose photo...
8 days ago

Jaap van 't Veen said:

What a beautiful colours.
8 days ago

John Cass said:

Wonderful image.
8 days ago ( translate )

@ngélique ❤️ said:

waouhhhhhhhhh quelle belle rose mon ami ***************passez une belle journée Andy
j'espère que votre santé s'est bien améliorer depuis ?
8 days ago ( translate )

jyryk58 said:

lovely rose... :-)
8 days ago ( translate )

Makrofan said:

Sehr schön!
8 days ago ( translate )

vero said:

elle est resplendissante beauté pure de cette sublime rose Andy
8 days ago ( translate )