Cancho de La Bola, granite home of vultures. Better on large I feel.

Typical granite extravaganza. Favourite scrambling, rock-hopping and walking country, La Sierra de La Cabrera. This would have been on one of my very early walks here, when I was blown away by the granite forms. 100 + walks later and I still am!
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Keith Burton said:

This must be some of the best granite on the planet :-) A wonderfully detailed shot Andy!
11 days ago

Andy Rodker replied to Keith Burton:

Well, about 10 miles away is La Pedriza where the granite shapes are even more fantastic, all animal shapes, elephants, etc. But I don't go there; much too touristy with the hordes from Madrid. I got to know La Cabrera well (hardly any walkers or climbers at all!) and that is good enough for me!
Many thanks, Keith!
11 days ago

Xata said:

Granite is fantastic and also quite easy to climb... here we have schists, shapes are more agressive and very tricky to hike, if one does not know by instinct where it is solid to step...
As I told you over and over I would like to go there..
11 days ago

Andy Rodker replied to Xata:

It will have to be arranged, Isabel!
11 days ago

John Lawrence said:

Thank you for posting your wonderful image to
Interesting Views
11 days ago

Andy Rodker replied to John Lawrence:

Thank you, John!
11 days ago

Fred Fouarge said:

terrific andy
11 days ago ( translate )

Andy Rodker replied to Fred Fouarge:

Many thanks Fred! On Pano but not here before now.
11 days ago

J.Garcia said:

Granite and its fabulous forms of erosion, especially at altitudes with large thermal amplitudes and snow
Awesome image, Andy

In Portugal there are mountains of granite that get zoomorphic forms
11 days ago

Jean said:

Beautiful. There are all sorts of shapes and images to explore.
11 days ago

Jenny McIntyre said:

Yes I can fully understand your love of this area. It's absolutely beautiful. The granite stones are fantastic.
11 days ago

Malik Raoulda said:

Remarquable et excellemment rendue ..!
Bonne et agreable semaine.
11 days ago ( translate )

Pam J said:

11 days ago ( translate )

William Sutherland said:

Impressive capture! Stay well!

Admired in:
11 days ago

PascalL said:

├ętonnant paysage
11 days ago ( translate )