Winter. Algete, Madrid. Many thanks to the IMA team for their unstinting work in getting the upload problem resolved!

Just outside the house. I have a couple more but that's it. Couldn't venture too far as it was either too deep or too icy and I can't risk a slip and a fall. By the time I could get out, it had changed to a dirty slush, so to all those who assumed I would have a bank of snow pictures, I'm very sorry!
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Ronald Losure said:

Beautiful snowy picture, Andy. I read the temperature in Spain was -35. Apparently that was a different part of the country or it has warmed up quickly.
13 days ago

Andy Rodker replied to Ronald Losure:

Thank you, Ronald. Well it's been iced up and we've been isolated in our hilltop community but the roads have been cleared now. Still perishing cold though! I saw the extremely cold temperatures on the news and they were in Guadalajara Province (next door to Madrid Province) and a bit further to the east in Cuenca and Teruel Provinces but all of us copped extremely cold temperatures. We were all keeping fingers crossed about burst pipes and so on!. Not out of the woods yet!
13 days ago

Xata said:

At least you kept safe and that is the more important !
Wonderful snow view you had !
13 days ago

Andy Rodker replied to Xata:

I would have liked to have taken a shot of the mountains across the snowy fields but it was either foggy, blizzard conditions, or the sun was at the wrong angle and it just didn't work so I just have a few at the side and the front of the house. A missed opportunity maybe!
13 days ago

Cheryl Kelly (cher12… said:

Just stunning!
13 days ago ( translate )

RHH said:

That's a lot of snow. Beautiful photo, Andy.
13 days ago

Dinesh said:

Wonderful winter image....!
13 days ago ( translate )

Malik Raoulda said:

Splendide ...!
13 days ago ( translate )

Andy Rodker said:

Pleased you all like my chilly shot. I would have preferred something warmer with which to welcome Upload back but there we are!
13 days ago

Eva Lewitus said:

Take care of yourself! But, thanks for this wonderful cold and warm( sepia) photo
13 days ago

Andy Rodker replied to Eva Lewitus:

Thank you Eva. Yes, it just looked TOO cold as it was!
13 days ago

William Sutherland said:

Awesome capture! Stay well!

Admired in:
13 days ago

Andy Rodker replied to William Sutherland:

Thank you, William.
13 days ago ( translate )

Doug Shepherd said:

Cracking shot Andy. Stay safe and warm!
13 days ago

Andy Rodker replied to Doug Shepherd:

Many thanks, Doug!
13 days ago