The heavy gear gets to work on the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu.

The old-look (and iconic) stadium will soon take on a completely different appearance.
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Fred Fouarge said:

Een gebouw om vaccins te ontwikkelen komt daar ...of..?
5 weeks ago ( translate )

Andy Rodker replied to Fred Fouarge:

Ha ha! ... No, Fred!
5 weeks ago ( translate )

Xata said:

Forest of cranes...
5 weeks ago ( translate )

Andy Rodker replied to Xata:

Thank you, Isabel.
Interesting that crane (English) = grúa (Spanish)
AND the bird crane = grulla.
I'm sure that the two Spanish words must have been the same at one time, just as they are still the same in English!
5 weeks ago

Boro said:

;o) avec les mêmes joueurs
5 weeks ago ( translate )

Malik Raoulda said:

GRANDIOSE et superbement rendue.
Bon week-end
5 weeks ago ( translate )

Andy Rodker said:

Thank you both!
5 weeks ago

Jean said:

That's some serious gear. Wonder what the refurbished stadium will be like.
5 weeks ago

Andy Rodker replied to Jean:

You can Google it. It will show you the 'vision', Jean! I will try and find and post the link.
5 weeks ago

Cheryl Beal said:

5 weeks ago ( translate )

Andy Rodker replied to Cheryl Beal:

Thank you, Cheryl!
5 weeks ago

Peter Chet said:

A great capture Andy.Sharp and lots to look at up close.
Have a good week. Regards Peter
5 weeks ago

raingirl said:

construction photos are always intriguing, but this one is also very artful! i like the strong contrast and the angles keeping me flowing around the photo. the blue sky works so well with the yellows and greens of the machinery. wonderful. i love it.
5 weeks ago

Jenny McIntyre said:

It will look good I'm sure - well I hope so.
5 weeks ago