3 climbers on El Cancho Largo. Please enlarge.

Climbers on this difficult route.
Sierra de La Cabrera
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Andy Rodker said:

Thank you, Uwe!
5 days ago

Boro said:

Superbe **
5 days ago ( translate )

Andy Rodker said:

Many thanks, Boro!
5 days ago

Larry Drummond said:

Rather them than me !!
5 days ago

William Sutherland said:

Magnificent rock capture!

Admired in:
5 days ago ( translate )

Julien Rappaport said:

Des formes intéressantes .
5 days ago ( translate )

Pam J said:

Now that gives scale !!
5 days ago

Ulrich John said:

The shapes,of the rocks are so different. Every view shows another formation. A great landscape. Rough and wild !
5 days ago

Doug Shepherd said:

I remember this terrific shot Andy and the profile of the rocks. Very nicely done indeed.

Best wishes, Doug
5 days ago

Andy Rodker replied to Doug Shepherd:

Thanks Doug.
It is possible I posted this on Pano, but I have taken so many similar shots that I can't now be sure!
One thing I do know is that I had no idea the climbers were there!! I only saw them, and on a dozen or so other shots taken that day in November 2011, after I got home and downloaded!!!
I took more shots of climbers here a couple of years later and I DID know they were there that time and I have posted more shots of them than these.
Best wishes,
5 days ago

Nick Weall said:

Where are the climbers? I must be going blind
5 days ago

Andy Rodker replied to Nick Weall:

On the climb, Nick. Where else would climbers be!! One is on the first pitch, the other two are waiting their turn.
But, yes. Easy to miss, especially by your's truly. See my reply to Doug!
5 days ago

Manfred Kaddik said:

5 days ago ( translate )

Andy Rodker said:

Thank you all!
5 days ago ( translate )

Schussentäler said:

wonderful rock formations
5 days ago ( translate )