Planta florida cuyo nombre desconozco

Una planta más cuyo nombre desconozco. Seguro que algún Ipernity fan lo sabe.

Gracias por visitar este club y le deseo un buen jueves.
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Boro said:

Superbe **********
8 weeks ago ( translate )

Annemarie said:

Un giglio?

muy bella:)
8 weeks ago ( translate )

Jean-louis Thiaudier… said:

8 weeks ago

Ulrich John said:

That’s a wonderful composition, José !
8 weeks ago

José Manuel Polo replied to Ulrich John:

Gracias Ulrich, buen fin de semana.
8 weeks ago ( translate )

Proxar said:

nice one!
8 weeks ago ( translate )

Guydel said:

Je pense que c'est un Canna ou Balisier. La photo est magnifique ! Bonne soirée et amitiés !
8 weeks ago ( translate )

José Manuel Polo replied to Guydel:

Puede ser, gracias Guydel. Buen fin de semana.
8 weeks ago ( translate )

Marije Aguillo said:

Has elegido un encuadre precioso. Me gusta mucho.
8 weeks ago ( translate )

José Manuel Polo replied to Marije Aguillo:

Gracias por los ánimos. Por ahora, desde el disparo hasta la subida a Ipernity, solo utilizo...
8 weeks ago ( translate )

uwschu said:

sehr schöne Blüte
8 weeks ago ( translate )

Janet Brien said:

BEAUTIFUL!!! I love your composition and crop very much. The colors and details are super, your use of +/- space is perfect!

Yes! Guydel is right, that's a Canna! I have a love/hate relationship with these flowers...they are so pretty but can be very hard to photograph well...though apparently you have it all figured out! :D

I once created a layered presentation for a canna flower which I really love--http://www.ipernity.com/search/photo?w=290645&q=canna

You will also see a bunch of canna leaf pictures...aren't they just amazing? Have a great day!
8 weeks ago ( translate )

Rosalyn Hilborne said:

I thought it was a gladioli, but read that it is a Canna. They look very similar.
I like the framing and colours very much.
8 weeks ago

@ngélique ♥ said:

c'est une magnifique fleur et bien présenter *************bonne soirée José
8 weeks ago ( translate )

Nicole Merdrignac said:

Superbe. Nicole.
8 weeks ago ( translate )