Ravens before Take Off (final upload)

Ravens before Take Off:
Dear friends this is my Final Upload. As you have noticed I haven't used Ipernity for a while.
Therefore I won't renew my subscription. Thanks for the nice time and for sharing our favorite hobby.
If you want to keep in touch, look here;
www.facebook.com/peter.vanlom or peter.van.lom@gmail.com
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Boro said:

Superbe ******
3 years ago ( translate )

Peter Van Lom replied to Boro:

Thanks and best wishes.
3 years ago

Malik Raoulda said:

Superbe composition*********
3 years ago ( translate )

Amelia said:

Sorry to see you go, Peter.
3 years ago

Peter Van Lom replied to Amelia:

Thank you. I hope you are fine.
3 years ago

Eva Lewitus said:

A lovely black and white.
Why don´t you erase the first photos each time you upload a new one? You can still stay with us, and don´t have to pay!
3 years ago

Peter Van Lom replied to Eva Lewitus:

Thanks Eva. I won't delete, but I'm just not spending much time here anymore. All the best.
3 years ago

Ulrich John said:

Good Bye, Peter ! I’m very sorry you‘re leaving !!!
3 years ago

LutzP said:

Bye Peter, sorry to see you leave. Facebook is a NoNo for me
3 years ago

William Sutherland said:

Excellent shot! Stay well!

Admired in:
3 years ago

Daniela Brocca said:

But why? Real a pity.
3 years ago

Heidiho said:

Schade, Peter !
Ich verstehe Dich schon, trotzdem tut es mir leid, DIESEN Kontakt zu verlieren.
Ich bin nicht bei fb, werde es auch nie sein. Vielleicht begegnen wir uns aber irgendwann auf Instagram ... oder in Norwegen ... Alles Gute für Dich und Inger-Lene !
3 years ago ( translate )

Annemarie said:

great BW!
3 years ago ( translate )

Annemarie said:

3 years ago ( translate )

╰☆☆June☆☆╮ said:

Good luck Peter !!!!
3 years ago ( translate )