MM: No dust, please!

That´s the place, where I hate dust the most.
(Not so easy to take a macro of a moving object.)

Macro Monday Theme : Poussière- Staub - Dust

PIP1: Another macro
PiP2: Wide shot
PiP3: The record playing
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neira-Dan said:

aie!! le truc qu'on aime pas du tout : la poussière sur l'aiguille !! Une bonne idée
6 days ago ( translate )

Ruebenkraut replied to neira-Dan:

Merci, Dan
6 days ago ( translate )

Andy Rodker said:

A stylus in Madrid would be a never-ending problem. There is so much dust here due to the geology of the Meseta of Central Spain that people dust and sweep floors twice a day out of necessity! I don't have the right kit to do good macros so I can't show you what I mean!
6 days ago

Ruebenkraut replied to Andy Rodker:

Interesting, Andy. Thanks.
6 days ago

Sami Serola said:

Very clever! I can almost hear the dust! =D
6 days ago

Ruebenkraut replied to Sami Serola:

Yes, indeed. Usually I get rid of the dust before playing the record.
6 days ago

Xata, mostly offline… said:

My fave goes to the first PIP... excellent!
6 days ago

Ruebenkraut replied to Xata, mostly offline…:

Thanks. I was not sure myself, which one to put in front and which as PiP.
6 days ago

ce que la lumière es… said:

6 days ago ( translate )

Ruebenkraut replied to ce que la lumière es…:

merci beaucoup
6 days ago ( translate )

Marie-claire Gallet said:

WOW, tolle Idee und der Bewegung ist schoen erwischt !! HMM !!!
6 days ago ( translate )

Ruebenkraut replied to Marie-claire Gallet:

Danke, Marie-Claire!
6 days ago ( translate )

Amelia Heath said:

I'm wondering what the record on the turntable is playing. Love the concept and the first PiP especially.
6 days ago

Ruebenkraut replied to Amelia Heath:

I put the record in the third PiP. It is an album I have been listening to in my youth very often.
6 days ago

Chrissy said:

sehr coole Idee. aber: Oh Weh!
6 days ago ( translate )