HFF....a lying down fence=path?

A bit cheeky!
Cerro Torre in Argentine Patagonia.....a place that blows me away!

Sorry to be a bit slow..left handed typing as my right is still painful and in a large plaster cast! My thumb joint was destroyed by arthritis. The orthopaedic surgeon removed a bone, drilled another bone, re-routed a Tendon, and removed a ganglion. It is sore and is in a cast for 6 weeks, then a splint!
Wishing everyone safety..,Covid is insane at present. Sending hugs and best wishes...Diana
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Amelia Heath said:

Spectacular scenery, Diana.
Have you had an operation for carpel tunnel syndrome, or have you broken your wrist? I remember when I had a swan-necked fracture on my right wrist. It was so annoying not being able to write properly. I even changed my signature to be left handed, with the bank's permission, so that I could sign cheques. This is before the use of plastic of course.
2 weeks ago

Diana Australis replied to Amelia Heath:

My thumb joint was totally arthritic so they removed a bone, rerouted a tendon and also removed a ganglion. 6 weeks in plaster, then 6 weeks in a splint! Driving me crazy!
Thanks for asking, Amelia.
2 weeks ago

©UdoSm said:

Hello Diana, a great picture and a pretty good left written text. Good improvement and a nice time.
2 weeks ago

Roger (Grisly) said:

Fabulous scenery and a beautifully composed image D, What a country that looks to be, Nice left hand typing and I wish you a speedy recovery.
HFF and a superb weekend
2 weeks ago

Christa1004 said:

Since it is only 1 pm in France, I send HFF greetings to the future;-))
But especially I wish you a good recovery for your hand, Diana.
2 weeks ago

Steve Paxton said:

if I did not read or look at the mountains in the back ground I would say 100% South island NZ, I hope that this opp is all you have to go through. I shuddered today when I saw the news of Covid 19 in SA. It proves it only takes one uncaring or maybe unwitting person to spread it all about.

HFF from the West watching in anguish the fall out of this. You keep safe and locked away.
2 weeks ago

Malik Raoulda said:

Une mauvaise nouvelle chère Diana,j'espère que tout ira pour le mieux.Je te souhaite Une rapide guérison et un prompt rétablissement... HFF. et heureux weekend.
2 weeks ago ( translate )

tiabunna said:

A spectacular landscape, Diana. Great work with the left handed typing, but very sorry to read of your need for the thumb operation. Wishing you a quick recovery and a safe time from the spread of the virus, all being well the SA control action will stop it. Big huggss and HFF.
2 weeks ago

Champland said:

Point de vue exceptionnel très bien mis en image
2 weeks ago ( translate )

Fred Fouarge said:

prachtige foto -dat typen merk ik niet of je traag bent --de scherpe pieken van dat gebergte zijn schitterend en spectaculair-- gaat Bergfex deze ook beklimmen :-))
2 weeks ago ( translate )

Jean-luc Drouin said:

Belle photo, joli paysage !
Prends soin de toi.
2 weeks ago ( translate )

Keith Burton said:

This a phenomenal shot Diana.............beautifully composed and sharp from front to back. The light and colours are just wonderful.

Those majestic mountains make a very impressive backdrop for the beautiful trees and the fantastic path (sorry, lying down fence)!

This image definitely comes under the category "I wish I'd taken that".

Well, at least you can say that you've had an "interesting" year so far. Stay safe and well and i hope you mend quickly..!!

PS: You can hardly tell you typed your narrative left-handed. The type looks pretty much the same as it did before you had your operation :-)
2 weeks ago

Erhard Bernstein said:

Such a wonderful place, and a wonderful pic, too. HFF and my best wishes!
2 weeks ago

Gabriella Siglinde said:

Un vero incanto!
2 weeks ago ( translate )

Annalia S. said:

Diana, this looks like it's out of the Lord of the Rings: the landscape of one's wildest fantasies and a place peopled by fairy beings! The fence-path that snakes through this magnificence feels like it's pointing the way to the Cerro and making it look attainable despite its forbiddingly sharp peaks. I love the beautifully gnarled trees and the golden grasses, too.
Again, best wishes for a quick and easy recovery. Just the description of the surgery is enough to make me sweat ... Sounds like you will need a lot of patience and determination, too. Try not to get discouraged and concentrate on your goal: I'm sure regaining use of your thumb is a big enough carrot to lead you to the moon and back!
2 weeks ago