Deer in the oats

I think this is a juvenile buck with his little brother. Bucks don't ordinarily hang out with fawns and there was no doe in sight. Very smoky sky.
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Andy Rodker said:

Well deduced (I guess!).
Is the smoky sky due to more wild fires? I sincerely hope not, you've had more than your fair share these past few years and now Spain and Portugal have had a record year for the number of fires too!
2 months ago

Diane Putnam replied to Andy Rodker:

Yes, there were several fires. Now all taken care of. Next comes the cleanup. The Spain/Portugal fires were in the news a lot here, too. :-(
8 weeks ago

Keith Burton said:

What Andy said..!!
2 months ago

Diane Putnam replied to Keith Burton:

Hi Keith! It just occurred to me that Greece had only one fire - I think. Last year was horrible, there.
8 weeks ago

Jean Paul Capdeville said:

Superbe !
2 months ago ( translate )

Diane Putnam replied to Jean Paul Capdeville:

Merci, my friend!
8 weeks ago ( translate )

1971 Dodge Charger R… said:

I'm surprised there's no doe because mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy.
A kid'll eat ivy too. Wouldn't you? ; )
2 months ago

Diane Putnam replied to 1971 Dodge Charger R…:

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Thanks for the laugh, Dodge!
8 weeks ago

polytropos said:

It looks like they saw you too! :-)
8 weeks ago

Diane Putnam replied to polytropos:

I was very far away, so they at least saw something moving. ;-)
8 weeks ago

Peggy C said:

Love this shot, My Friend ~
7 weeks ago