Car wash

Going through the car wash and singing this song: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ss0GT6x66ZQ
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Gudrun said:

What a cool idea1 Did it feel as spooky as it looks?
4 weeks ago

Diane Putnam replied to Gudrun:

Belated reply... No, it wasn't spooky because I knew what was happening - lol! But, I can understand how small children and dogs are afraid.

Thank you, Gudrun.
2 weeks ago

Thérèse said:

Fallait y penser!
Bon we
4 weeks ago ( translate )

Diane Putnam replied to Thérèse:

Merci, Thérèse !
4 weeks ago ( translate )

tiabunna said:

A great series with a very abstract feeling.
4 weeks ago

Diane Putnam replied to tiabunna:

Thank you, it was fun to do!
4 weeks ago

Keith Burton said:

A fascinating series...............I would never have thought of taking photos during a car wash..!!

..................but now the idea is firmly in my head :-))
4 weeks ago

Diane Putnam replied to Keith Burton:

Haha - I first did this a few years ago, which is uploaded as a collage. www.ipernity.com/doc/1227338/38618844/in/album/799130
Thanks a million!
4 weeks ago

Andy Rodker said:

WOW! An excellent trip!!
Nostalgic for me as I don't think I've taken my car (or any car) to a car wash in about 20 years. It doesn't mean I have a very dirty car. It means I haven't owned a car for ages!!
4 weeks ago

Diane Putnam replied to Andy Rodker:

I had a very dirty car, in fact it's only clean for about 5 days after washing. Dry climate = dust galore. I'm too cheap to spend the $8-$10 more than about once a month. Not at all in winter. Glad you enjoyed the trip! Thanks, Andy.
4 weeks ago

Keith Burton replied to Diane Putnam:

Oooh, I like that!
4 weeks ago

Winscha said:

Cela pourrait être aussi une tempête
4 weeks ago ( translate )

Diane Putnam replied to Winscha:

Yes, with a scary tornado! Merci!
4 weeks ago