Puente de la Mujer

PiP x2

El Puente de la Mujer se encuentra en el Dique 3 de Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires. Fué diseñado por el arquitecto español Calatrava y se inauguró en el 2001.
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Ulrich John said:

That's very nice for the challenge, Mariano. A very interesting view to an unusual architectional building !
14 months ago

neira-Dan said:

quel beau pont très original !! l'ensemble avec la statue est résolument d'avant-garde
14 months ago ( translate )

Chrissy said:

eine sehr moderne Brücke!
14 months ago ( translate )

HaarFager said:

That's quite an interesting bridge you found there! What size is it, about 44DD? Ha ha!
14 months ago

Thérèse said:

Grandioses images!
Bon we
14 months ago ( translate )

Gillian Everett said:

Great art and architecture
14 months ago

Sami Serola said:

That bridge almost look like it defies the gravity! =O
14 months ago

Marie-claire Gallet said:

WOW, a very spectacular modern bridge ! The statue is also very amazing !! Happy Saturday, Mariano !
14 months ago ( translate )

annaig56 said:

jolie comme une carte postale et très original ce pont,
14 months ago ( translate )

Malik Raoulda said:

Absolument magnifique et les notes sont superbes ++++++
14 months ago ( translate )

William Sutherland said:

Terrific capture and PIPs!

Admired in:
14 months ago ( translate )

Valfal said:

Wow, a very impressive structure; I love the PiPs! Well done, Mariano!
14 months ago

Ruebenkraut said:

Very modern, fanstastic bridge-picture. The architect must be Calatrava, otherwise he was copied by someone else:
14 months ago

Xata said:

Que bonita y elegante puente pedonal...
14 months ago ( translate )

Trudy Tuinstra said:

a wonderful presentation
14 months ago ( translate )