No Swimming!

Ballantoy harbour and the aftermath of strong winds at sea bring in these adventurous waves. I am stood on a big rock alongside a good few other people, all mesmerised by the pounding waves on the sharp rocks. Not a place to fall into but to study the strength and beauty of nature. Gazing at this photo you can almost feel the spray in your face, hear the pounding thunder of the wave crashes and smell the salt in the air.

see Pip for full harbour view.

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Jaap van 't Veen said:

Beautiful rough seascape !!
6 weeks ago ( translate )

LotharW said:

...ich rieche das Meer und meine Brillengläser sind vom Salz, das der Wind mit winzigen Wasserpartikeln trägt schon ganz beschlagen. Ich atme ganz tief und frei. Die Lunge ist glücklich über so viel frische Luft! Danke!
6 weeks ago ( translate )

Herb Riddle replied to LotharW:

Haha, yes it sure was rough there. Just the thing to clear up your chest and wake you up. Thanks for the visit Lothar. Very happy that you enjoyed this.

Alles Gute, Herbert
6 weeks ago

Ko Hummel said:

I smell the salty water
6 weeks ago

Herb Riddle replied to Ko Hummel:

Indeed, it still clings to me weeks later!

Regards, Herb
6 weeks ago ( translate )

J. Gafarot said:

Wonderful place.
Great picture.
6 weeks ago ( translate )

Herb Riddle replied to J. Gafarot:

Thanks Jose.
6 weeks ago ( translate )

Nick Weall said:

Another super shot Herb
6 weeks ago

Stephan Fey said:

I wouldn´t dare to!
6 weeks ago

Andy Rodker said:

When my Spanish brother-in-law visits Cornwall (most summers) he likes nothing more, on a day such as this, than to watch the waves for literally hours. I know just what he means, very calming and therapeutic, despite the inherant violence of the waves! A good capture, Herb!
6 weeks ago

TOZ said:

A super capture Herb I like to sit and watch the waves crashing over the rocks .
Have a good day.
6 weeks ago

Daniela Brocca said:

A beauty!
6 weeks ago

Rosalyn Hilborne said:

I love the way you have captured the waves cascading down the large rock Herb, and the water looks beautiful with lovely colours....not that I would want to be in it on that day, but would be very happy to sit in the beautiful harbour and watch the waves.

All the best, Rosa.
6 weeks ago

Keith Burton said:

This is brilliant Herb............you've captured the movement and power of the waves beautifully. The sense of movement, is particularly evident in the foreground, especially when viewed large.

I love the colours in the waters too.........and the contrasting dark rocks. It's easy to see how watching the waves can be mesmerising!
6 weeks ago

cammino said:

Lieber die Wellen beobachten!
6 weeks ago ( translate )