HWW – Old Ireland

County Mayo in Ireland has its fair share of dilapidated dwellings. I suspect because there is a lot of land to people ratio, once a place gets old or someone leaves it, it is simply left to rot. Quite unlike most places around England itself where a building like this would soon be re-built to make a new nice property again. This taken near our holiday dwelling in the hamlet of Tippe near Belmullet. The sky was grey and quite miserable and so the old fashioned mono effect here suits the mood and time I think. The wall belongs to the old slipway running into ‘Blind Harbour’. See PiP

Have a good day.
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Jaap van 't Veen said:

Decayed, yet a beautiful picture.
Like the hazy mood.
Happy Peaceful WW
6 weeks ago

Diana Australis said:

I love it...
6 weeks ago

Herb Riddle replied to Diana Australis:

Glad you did Diana. Always nice to see you here.
6 weeks ago

Ko Hummel said:

captured the mood in a very nice way
6 weeks ago

Roger (Grisly) said:

Nice capture and a great atmosphere Herb
6 weeks ago

Herb Riddle replied to Roger (Grisly):

A little different from my chocolate box scenes Roger.
6 weeks ago

Peter Castell said:

Very nicely presented Herb the old style suits the subject perfectly
6 weeks ago

Herb Riddle replied to Peter Castell:

Glad you liked it Peter.
6 weeks ago

Wierd Folkersma said:

works great in b/w, HWW Herb!
6 weeks ago

Herb Riddle replied to Wierd Folkersma:

Thanks Wierd.

HWW. have a good week. Herb
6 weeks ago ( translate )

TOZ said:

Hi Herb mono suits it perfect nice job
HWW have a good day
6 weeks ago

Herb Riddle replied to TOZ:

Had to be Gordon. Cheers for this.

HWW, enjoy the week. Herb
6 weeks ago

gezginruh said:

Beautifully composed,Herb!

HWW and have a nice Wednesday!

Best wishes
6 weeks ago ( translate )

Herb Riddle replied to gezginruh:

Thanks so much.

HWW, have a great week too.
6 weeks ago

Rosalyn Hilborne said:

Mono suits it very well Herb. Yes that property would soon be bought for development over here! Very interesting information. A beautiful PiP also.

Best wishes, Rosa.
6 weeks ago