The Erris Head Loop walk: Danish Cellar

Our first full day in this Irish County Mayo area of Belmullet takes us onto a fascinating coastal walk of around 5-7km. It starts from a carpark in a little cove intriguingly called 'Danish Cellar' about 15 minutes drive from our cottage. There is ample evidence of modern concrete ramps and steps built into the steep rocks to the water but I can find no more information regarding the history of this cove. This area did have a lot of Whaling stations in the old days and so I think it may have something to do with that. Notice the old rusty winch on the bottom left here. As all this area was invaded and occupied by the Vikings there are many references to the Scandinavian countries.

Our path will take us up along the fence on the top of these steep headlands and reward us with some spectacular sights.

ps - a great change from the UK is that we found that almost every country car-park was cost free.

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Malik Raoulda said:

.Un superbe et beau paysage côtier joliment partagé.
Bon week-end.
6 weeks ago ( translate )

Anton Cruz Carro said:

A landscape of stunning beauty. Best regards Anton.
6 weeks ago

ROL/Photo said:

6 weeks ago ( translate )

Annemarie said:

Have a serene Weekend!
6 weeks ago ( translate )

uwschu said:

sehr schöne Gegend, siese Winde wurde aber auch schon lange nicht mehr genutzt
6 weeks ago ( translate )

Herb Riddle replied to uwschu:

Danke Uwe, Ja, alles ist vorbei und alt hier, nicht mehr genutz. Es ist noch schön Heute.

Tchüß, Herbert
6 weeks ago ( translate )

TOZ said:

A great view and a great walk on this coast Herb also a old winch super full screen .
Have a good day.
6 weeks ago

Herb Riddle replied to TOZ:

Yes a splendid spot that made us think about the old days here. A great walk ensued.

Cheers. Herb.
6 weeks ago

J. Gafarot said:

I like it very much.
Thank you for the note.
6 weeks ago

Herb Riddle replied to J. Gafarot:

Glad you did Jose.

Stay safe. Herb
6 weeks ago ( translate )

Jaap van 't Veen said:

Wonderful coastal scene; well captured Herb.
6 weeks ago ( translate )

Keith Burton said:

A lovely bit of coast Herb..........those huge flat rocks on the left look amazing. The little cove looks quite sheltered with a nice view out to sea. The winch is interesting.......maybe for launching/retrieving boats along that smooth bit of rock?

I hope you enjoyed the walk and looking forward to some more photos.
6 weeks ago

Ulrich John said:

Fantastic view to a fantastic landscape !
6 weeks ago ( translate )

Rosalyn Hilborne said:

What an interesting coastline and information Herb. You must have had some great walks...we will see the photos I'm sure! Come to Wincanton, as all three car parks are free ;-))

Have a good weekend, Rosa.
6 weeks ago

Andy Rodker said:

Super coastal scenery, Herb. Looking forward to seeing more from this region!
6 weeks ago