Ship Sailing On a Sea of Stars Keel Nebula NGC3199

The Ancient Mariner NGC 3199 one I took before but it never looked like this at all, An old wooden ship sailing on a sea of stars. This is a shot I did want to come back to and do it some justice as I was not happy with the first one I did. Now I believe I have done it some justice this time so much so I am also taking the other nebula in the first shot as well NGC3247.

Keel Nebula  and NGC3247

NGC3199 & NGC 3247

QHY 183C -10c 41 shots each night 10 min each over Three nights..
MeLE Mini PC
Pegasus Astro Pocket Mini power box
Prima Luce Essato Focus
Optolong LeNhance filter,
Skywatcher Black DiamondED80 OTA
Skywatcher NEQ 6 Pro Hypertuned
SVbony 50MM Guide scope
QHY QHY5L-II-M Guide camera
Guided PHD2, Nina
Pixinsight, Ps .
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TOZ said:

Another spectaculer Image Steve can you see the green comet from down under.
Best TOZ
7 weeks ago

Steve Paxton replied to TOZ:

Thank you I think its a very good nebula you can see the old ship for all my looking I have not seen it itsv north and too low I think for us in the west.
7 weeks ago

Peter Castell said:

Wonderful when viewed large
7 weeks ago ( translate )

Steve Paxton replied to Peter Castell:

Thank you Peter there is a lot of detail in the shot alright way better than the first.
7 weeks ago

tiabunna said:

Great astro images, Steve. The comet is still below our northern horizon (where there's also a very bright moon at present).
7 weeks ago

Steve Paxton replied to tiabunna:

Thanks Thats what I was able to find out We just have to wait and see.
7 weeks ago

Peter_Private_Box said:

Hi Steve
A wonderful and interesting pictures, which I like very much!
I am always so envious that you guys get such clear skies!!
Never in England!!
Best Wishes, a nice weekend, and stay safe!!
7 weeks ago

Steve Paxton replied to Peter_Private_Box:

Peter in part we in Australia we have NO high mountains so clouds dont gather like NZ or the UK. The hot flat land is made for clear skies not quite why I moved to australia but certainly an extra benefit. Many thanks,
7 weeks ago