Emu Egg

A four shot two row panorama. Granddaughter first night out in the black of night but in the smoke with all the fires. the rocks is a good 3.8m - 4 m Height and width.
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Sami Serola said:

Wonderful composition and exposure *****
6 days ago ( translate )

Steve Paxton replied to Sami Serola:

Thanks Sami i used my LLL to get this i was on the ground my granddaughter was standing holding the light.
6 days ago

Marie-claire Gallet said:

Wonderful capture !! The light is just SUPERB *******************
6 days ago ( translate )

Steve Paxton replied to Marie-claire Gallet:

The way to light the night. a shot from my mind that i was not sure would work glad it did.
6 days ago

Sami Serola replied to Steve Paxton:

I wonder what LLL is(?) ;-)
6 days ago

Steve Paxton replied to Sami Serola:

Sami you have light painting where you light for only seconds( with a bright light) if that and then there is Low Level Lighting. this is lighting you cant see as its( but the camera can) so low but its used to light for the whole exposure of the shot not just seconds of it. its harder to get right took me a while but i think it works a treat and the results speak for them selves. this shot is normal astro setting but its lit evenly and uniformly, while mine is a little different is just the same well worth a read.


took me 1 year to get it close once i came to terms with what it was i was trying to do. i have found the the lights work better on Nikon's than it does on Canons dynamic range. this is a whole new thinking on taking photos at night. hope this helps if you want to know more i can explain how i set up.
6 days ago

tiabunna said:

A lovely sky image, with the Milky Way wrapping around the rock, Steve.
6 days ago

Sami Serola replied to Steve Paxton:

I got it =)

And I understood that's what you and your granddaughter did. I have only done the similar on very small studio scale, by painting the subject with a single torchlight. Very interesting method, which also can be used to intentionally soften the shadows. It means the "light bearer" don't just stand on one place but moves sideways during the exposure.

However, after seeing the examples at lowlevellighting.org, I wonder how one gets around the distance problem and not get the foreground lit with the LED too bright.
5 days ago

Steve Paxton said:

Many thanks it an image i have always wanted to try but never got around to it. glad you like it.
5 days ago

Steve Paxton replied to Sami Serola:

Sami as we did just the rock she did not move but stood behind me laying on the ground for the 8 shots. look at these two links my first real tries in the wild.



in theses cases i held it on top of my head looking to where the lens was pointing you can not light the whole photo but you add light to the foreground as you can see where in most case the interest is. this was my real first try at this out in the wild to see if my idea worked done a little differently to the LLL in the link. my LED's($10 small LED) are coated with window tint to cut the light down and allow the light to be low enough to stay on and not overpower the image like a small torch will as its too bright. you can use all sorts of things as the "filter " for the light . as you can see done right it works a treat and i dont carry all the gear that the link takes out with them. i have used this here and in NZ worked a treat and am happy with the result. my normal night shooter and i take it in turn to hold the light for each other.




the only other way is not light but turn the ISO10000 way up so the shot needs no lighting not a method i like at all i prefer to light the foreground where your eyes see and let the milky way shine on top. my LED's fit in my bag when i go out and i dont take out extra stands or tripods. well worth a play with.

all the best from down under.
5 days ago

Sami Serola replied to Steve Paxton:

Now I start to feel super inspired to test this. The only problem is the light summer nights we have now, and me living in brightly lit urban area. But next autumn I try to get somewhere out of the city and try take some shots.
5 days ago

Petr Chudoba said:

well done
5 days ago ( translate )

Steve Paxton replied to Petr Chudoba:

Thank you always nice to see the shot in your head make it to the screen.
4 days ago

Peter_Private_Box said:

Hi Steve

It must be great to be able to get out into the wilderness with no light pollution.. A real super quality in your pictures!

Best Wishes and a good weekend
4 days ago

Steve Paxton replied to Peter_Private_Box:

thank you Peter our landscape is certainly not Europe but our night sky makes up for it. I have been lucky to help a few on Ipernity to push their normal limits to have a go at night to see what they can do. I hope yours is a good weekend I know ours is fine and more smoke.
3 days ago