Chickadee (Poecile ).
(September, 2016).

· PiP · It took off...

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micritter said:

I apologize for being far behind on my comments. I'll try to catch up before posting the next image. Many thanks to everyone.
4 days ago

sasithorn_s said:

Great portrait with perfect clarity and detail! The action PiP is simply beautiful:)
4 days ago

Ronald Losure said:

Very nice photo of one of my favorite birds. I like the departure photo, too.
4 days ago

Pam J said:

Excellent !
4 days ago ( translate )

Evangrek63 said:

4 days ago ( translate )

Ulrich John said:

A beauriful close-up ! Good Morning and a nice day for you !
4 days ago

Guy Bacca said:

Posée ou prenant son vol, la mésange est très élégante..... Belles prises
4 days ago ( translate )

Marije Aguillo said:

Excelente toma.
4 days ago ( translate )

Cämmerer zu Nau said:

Wunderhübsch. Gelungene Aufnahmen des kleinen gefiederten Sängers.
4 days ago ( translate )

Annemarie said:

4 days ago ( translate )

Judith Jannetta said:

Very sweet....love when he takes off
4 days ago

Claudia G said:

Charmante capture !
4 days ago ( translate )

Ghislaine Girardot said:

Belle saisie !!
4 days ago ( translate )

Jaap van 't Veen said:

Beautiful bird; well captured.
4 days ago ( translate )

Philippe said:

Tout mignon !
4 days ago