A Rare Phenomenon

The marks on the water are caused by a very rare occurrence called rainfall. Here is a short explanation for those of you who don't understand the concept of rain.

Rain is liquid precipitation: water falling from the sky. Raindrops fall to Earth when clouds become saturated, or filled, with water droplets. Millions of water droplets bump into each other as they gather in a cloud. When a small water droplet bumps into a bigger one, it condenses, or combines, with the larger one. As this continues to happen, the droplet gets heavier and heavier. When the water droplet becomes too heavy to continue floating around in the cloud, it falls to the ground.

In this case it lasted for about 10 minutes and the phenomenon has not been seen since.
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Guydel said:

J'ai vu ça deux ou trois fois dans ma vie (j'ai 75 ans) et je ne connaissais pas bien le principe ... merci pour ces lumineuses explications !!! *****
Amitiés ! J'adore cet humour !
16 months ago ( translate )

natureoncam aka Greg said:

Well it is now early August still dry and we are heading for a heatwave and then apparently liquid precipitation as you so eloquently explain, just as I go away. Which is pretty typical for me!
16 months ago

tiabunna said:

A lovely image of this old motorboat and this meteorological phenomena that is so uncommon in your part of the world at present - it seems it's moved down this way recently!
16 months ago

Nick Weall said:

It will never catch on ~~~ Are you sure ?
16 months ago

Keith Burton said:

You're not fooling me with this obviously outlandish story - pull the other one Amelia :-)))

Seriously though, this is a lovely photo........I love the lines of that beautiful old wooden motor boat (and it's distorted reflection) and that looks like another interesting boat on the left. I like the lovely greenery as well and the wild flowers on the bank side.

So.......those marks on the water.......what are they really?
16 months ago

Amelia replied to Keith Burton:

Pond skaters. :-)))
16 months ago

Ulrich John said:

:-))) !
16 months ago ( translate )

Stephan Fey said:

Excellent description! :-))
16 months ago ( translate )

Loose_Grip/Pete said:

16 months ago ( translate )

Boarischa Krautmo said:

thank you for your explanation - I couldn't explain it to myself.

Times are a´changing ;-)
when I was at school (long time ago) our English teacher showed us some letters to the editor (I can't remember, perhaps The Times) re a rare astronomical phenomenon, a yellow ball seen for some minutes between the clouds....
16 months ago

Amelia replied to Boarischa Krautmo:

Your astronomical occurrence is no longer a phenomenon. The yellow ball seems to be a daily sighting these days. Of course we may be being fooled by extra terrestrial life forms. One just never knows .....
15 months ago

Gillian Everett said:

Hope it comes back again. Lovely view on the Norfolk Broads
16 months ago

TOZ said:

A beautiful Image Amelia I didn't know it was a phenomenon.
Have a good day.
16 months ago

Andy Rodker said:

Very droll! We are desparately short of rain here in Spain. Water rationing looks likely to start soon. :o(
16 months ago

Keith Burton replied to Amelia:

Obviously :-))))
16 months ago ( translate )