Re-Programming Ipernity
Let’s fund the reprogramming and future proofing of Ipernity in 2021

If the cost is around 30,000 EUR and I say I will donate 100 EUR are there 290 other members who are able and willing to do the same ?

The answer from previous attempts is probably No.

If I say I will donate 1,000 EUR are there 29 other members who are able and willing to do the same ?

I guess the answer may also be no.

BUT what if a smaller number of people donate a larger amount e.g 3,000 EUR are there 9 others that would do this ?

This is NOT a promise but I may be persuaded to donate at that level and be one of ten that save Ipernity if others support the funding of the work.

Could 10 financial backers be found to fund the Reprogramming of Ipernity ?


StoneRoad2013 said:

And maybe some smaller amounts along the way.
2 years ago

Colin Ashcroft replied to StoneRoad2013:

Yes but possibly too many smaller amounts are needed. The main users in include a proportion who have already purchased many years ahead they will probably be unlikely to go on donating money.
2 years ago

HappySnapper said:

Somewhere in the back of my mind Colin I donated a small amount 50/60 Euro towards re-programming and at that time there was a small amount already saved. (Again I say this is a vague recollection) my memory is not as sharp as it used to be. I think the 30,000 Euro mentioned was a starter amount to get the ball rolling and more would be required to complete a re-programming suitable for todays internet. Perhaps the IMA could refresh us on this situation. I have already stated when my half annual pension pays out in January I will find a similar amount as before and make another donation.
2 years ago

Colin Ashcroft replied to HappySnapper:

yes I am with Maurice. Let’s wait and see.
2 years ago

Marko Novosel said:

Maybe we can try,depends what IMA has in program for this year.
If we go with this it will be a news in photo community and maybe..just maybe someone spot us.
2 years ago

raingirl said:

The money is something that I believe this community can find a way (and I believe the the 30,000 was just a starting figure, not the full cost) - but there is also the question of who will be the project manager of the task. As one can tell from the dollar figures, the task is not easy. I think it can be done, but it will take an exteneded new commitment by a core group of people.

I personally have time for helping a little, but not for that larger task (and it's not my strong suit - I'm more of a supporter than a leader).

The current IMA team has people who will help of course, but as far as I know there isn't a particular IMA team member who can devote the time needed for this re-programming project as the project manager.

So let's put our thinking caps on and find a way to search for and inspire a member to lead the project!
2 years ago

Marko Novosel replied to raingirl:

Christmas is here,new year is coming,covid is still raging,lets wait for the spring,we'll be smarter then and if things change for better our sails will be full of wind.
2 years ago

Colin Ashcroft replied to raingirl:

OK so money is only a small part of the solution. Thanks
2 years ago

raingirl replied to :

I have a lot of hope for spring!
2 years ago

raingirl replied to :

I'm not sure I would say small, but definitely only one part. We will need both money and personnel. (Like you, I may be able to put in a decent amount of money if the other pieces come together.)
2 years ago

Colin Ashcroft replied to :

Understood all parts of the solution and the will to continue are required
2 years ago ( translate )

Keith Burton said:

I admire your initiative and commitment Colin............but I simply don't have the spare money available...........simple as that! Even if I did, I'd be spending in on my house which is in dire need of maintenance I also can't afford.

I suspect that a lot of members on IP are in a similar position as me - retired, and on a fixed income.
2 years ago

Colin Ashcroft replied to Keith Burton:

I agree Keith and that is my point, most users will not have spare cash but surely (as in life) there are a few with enough money to spare a substantial amount to help something they want to survive.
2 years ago

Sami Serola (inactiv… said:

It is good to lift the cat on the table!

We seriously need to make it clear, what is required, and what it takes to build up a new website and take a fresh start. It needs investors, and if they can not be found, then it is a realistic conclusion as well to admit it.

Options? Drive the old car until it no longer can not be mended? Or give up before that, and join to some other bandwagon.

Or, try to find a cheaper alternative to keep at least some of us happy. I am currently trying to find out what the existing open source content management systems (CMS) has to offer. Not very promising so far...
2 years ago

Colin Ashcroft replied to Sami Serola (inactiv…:

Good luck with that search Sami but big and mostly reliable like AWS is probably better than small open source options that by their very nature are always evolving and changing. Controlling the user interface is number 1 and having skilled IT help to maintain the links to AWS ( or other commercial service ) the other requirement in my opinion.

concerning Amazon and Jeff Bezos I found this BBC Radio programme fascinating
Can you check if that link works outside UK ?
2 years ago