Blade Runner is no longer in the future
A film I was obsessed with when it was released (1982) was set in the future November 2019.

At the time it never crossed my mind that I would get past that date myself.

Feeling a little older tonight.

The film predicted many things correctly : see some in this BBC Technology section article https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-50247479

Photography featured as a significant part of the plot with photo editing by voice command (zooming, cropping, enhancing lighting and focus points) but interestingly the final Polaroid instant style print was still most important.


Andy Rodker said:

I couldn't agree more, Colin!
4 years ago ( translate )

HappySnapper said:

Interesting Comparison Colin, I try to think ahead to the 2050,s and wonder what will it be like for the Grand children. My prediction is that Population will slow, newer forms of nutrition and in many other ways take a step back in time as raw materials begin to expire.
4 years ago