What I like about Ipernity.
Written March 15th 2019


Ownership is Independent from big business
Being run by people that care about the site and its future ( the users themselves)
Funded by subscription
Not funded by advertisers
The site is simple but effective with added features for adding articles and documents.
Most users are able to post in their own languages and translate seems to be accurate more often than not.
Users who can afford to do so can donate money to help keep the site running.
The users are generally pleasant and helpful to each other.

I do understand that... the future is uncertain unless the money can be raised to continue and the link to any commercial web service like Amazon could eventually be a problem either in cost or enforced conditions


December 2020

Problems and more problems everywhere and unfortunately Ipernity is added to the growing list.

Thank you to all the people seeking solutions.


Peggy C said:

A family -
Families help each other -
If they can't with monetary means, they will in other ways.
I, too, like iPernity..The Family Photo Site ..
4 years ago

Colin Ashcroft replied to Peggy C:

I think so, it makes me optimistic ( and it’s good it feel that way about something)
4 years ago

Frank J Casella replied to Peggy C:

If there were a 'Like" button for your comment, Peggy, I'd click it.
4 years ago

HappySnapper said:

One can wish ! If I win the lottery big time after two of my favourite charities IP's problems would be solved, after all they play a big part on how I spend my time at home.
4 years ago

Colin Ashcroft replied to HappySnapper:

4 years ago ( translate )