Disasters in Australia

Dear friends, a number of you have asked about the disasters in Australia just now. Thanks Udo, Jose and others.
Presently the Tropical North East of Australia has unprecedented floods, with the area around Townsville having more than its whole annual rainfall in a week. Housesare inundated,water is waist deep.
Meanwhile, in the south 3000 kilometres away, the UNESCO listed biospheres of Gondwanan forests are threatened by dozens of fires caused by lightning strikes, many of which have been burning since Christmas in dense forest land.
Here where I am in Adelaide, South Australia, we have not had any rain for 2 months. This is worse than normal summer expectations but has been accompanied by record breaking temperatures up to 48C for extended periods. All of this is devastating for flora, fauna and humans.
And our government insists climate change is a hoax.


Gabi Lombardo said:

its terrible what happened and I´m really sorry! and it is equally very dangerous, reprehensible and shocking the governement´s position.... warm regarda
5 years ago

Diana Australis replied to Gabi Lombardo:

Thanks, Gabi. I weep for the planet.
5 years ago

Petar Bojić said:

In different parts of the world there are various problems:(
5 years ago

Gudrun said:

Weather is getting more extreme everywhere but Australia is hit especially hard. 48 degrees aren't healthy temperatures:-( I do hope you'll eventually manage to vote off your climate change denying politicians but I'm afraid chances globally look dire...
5 years ago

Saluton al ciuj...!… said:

Merci à toi pour tous ces détails sur le climat en Australie...!!!
4 years ago ( translate )