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▶️ Explore New
In case we decide to remove it from Explore menu.

▶️ Discover Groups List
At IPERNITY - Ambassador pictures

▶️ Explore landscape groups
Listed according to activity

▶️ Explore milestone groups
According to fave*, favo* or visit*/view*, and listed according to activity

▶️ Explore the world with photos!
In case someone wish to figure out how to improve it.


Colin Ashcroft said:

Sami, I have just looked at these. I had never looked at them before and only the first and last had ever crossed my mind, how to find new photos are posted and searching a map to find photographs of an area but I obviously didn’t make any use of them or I would have remembered.

These are all things a new user should be made aware of in an introduction but perhaps existing users should be told as well.
3 years ago

Sami Serola (inactiv… replied to Colin Ashcroft:

The map was there on Explore, but took away because it is unreliable. It loads slowly, and does not show all images. The new images is there as an extra for Club members.
3 years ago

Colin Ashcroft replied to :

thanks Sami.
3 years ago ( translate )