A Bad Fall
We had a hard frost this morning and I had a bad fall. I was going to put the rubbish bag out the gate for council collection. I took two steps on the ramp and fell very heavily , bouncing on my tailbone. It is very painful. My left arm is too painful to lift any higher than my waistline. I am only thankful that my neck, for which I have been having months of chiropractic treatment, seems to be unaffected.


Ken Richard said:

Feel better soon. Sorry to hear of the mishap. :-(
6 years ago

Keith Burton said:

Oh Eunice..........how awful. I hope you get better soon..........keep us informed. Take care :-)
6 years ago

Eunice Perkins said:

Thank you everyone. My arm is getting better. Not sure about my tailbone.
6 years ago

Maeluk said:

Oh dear I hope your feeling better by now. I fell on the stairs some weeks ago and did something similar.
6 years ago