Street photography - a workshop and series
Since I've returned to photography this summer, one of my goals has been to be more deliberate with my photography. Now I know that you can also be deliberate in retrospect.
Sometime during the last week I discovered the Off Grid photo festival in Vienna entirely by accident. One of the program items they were offering was a street photography workshop / photowalk with Niko Havranek, and I jumped at the chance.

At the start of the workshop, Niko gave us an insight into how some of his series of pictures have come about, and we talked about it more as we walked. How some series are planned, some grow from something you notice in a single photograph and then conciously seek out later, and some arise in retrospect as you sift through your work and notice topics, objects, themes, or colours that pop up. And of course sometimes it's a mix of all that.

If you'd have asked me about series a few months ago, I'd have said they're pre-planned and mapped out - or at least you start with a loose idea in mind, like with my Vienna's tallest building series which was built deliberately around looking at one thing from different perspectives, or my Pink in Vienna series, which was sparked by spotting so much pink in Vienna's 7th district. But putting a series together in retrospect seemed like cheating.

Talking with Niko and some of the other workshop participants, though, I was reminded of a conversation I had with a curator of photographic exhibitions over the summer, who described how he worked, by laying out copies of all the photos on a wall, bench or floor, and grouping and regrouping and leaving them to stand for a few days and coming back and regrouping. During a guided tour of an exhibition I heard a similar story from another curator, and Lindsay Adler tells of finding and honing her style due to a similar process in one of her many youtube videos.

So what do you think happened after this workshop? I started to look at the collection of shots on my screen as I was saving and culling and editing in a different manner. Some patterns and commonalities jumped out at me - lines, light, shapes, windows. And colour. Lots of bold colours. It became all about the windows. Working on instinct, I narrowed the selection down to three shots. Here they are:

What's your process in putting together a series? I'd love to hear your thoughts.