Membership Expiring (a little update)
My Ipernity membership will expire in a couple of days. I am hoping that I can renew it when/if the IMA takes ownership of Ipernity. If so, my albums and all my content will be visible again. Until then, I am told that only 200 of my latest photos will be able to be seen.

I will stay here at Ipernity until a decision is reached between Christophe Ruelle and the IMA. I hope to be fully visible in the future. :) Karen


Smiley Derleth said:

Hang in there. I hope this is resolved to all our liking, and soon.

Best wishes.
3 years ago

Karen's Place replied to Smiley Derleth:

Thank you, Smiley. I will hang in there and keep my fingers crossed. :)
3 years ago

Valfal said:

Hopefully there will be a changeover very soon; this waiting in limbo is tough, especially if your membership has run out!
3 years ago

Karen's Place replied to Valfal:

It just ran out tonight, Val. It's weird. Now I have a limit of about 160000MB a month. I feel like I'm on a diet. ;-)
3 years ago

Sami Serola said:

We are working on to get there 3 month subscription implemented by CR. More news on this hopefully published soon.

And, if you find the "diet" exhausting, and become more hungry, you can consider these options as well:

IMA will honor the subscriptions renewed after May 2, 2017. IMA also gets "discount" on renewals reported to IMA.
3 years ago

Karen's Place replied to Sami Serola:

Hi, Sami.

Thanks for the links. I will keep this in mind if the diet becomes to restrictive. I appreciate it. :)
3 years ago

Karen's Place said:

Well, like most diets it didn't last long. ;-)

A very sweet and thoughtful friend gifted me a membership today. I am so happy and grateful.

Thank you, SB! :)
3 years ago

Sami Serola replied to Karen's Place:

Excellent! =)
3 years ago ( translate )