Dangers of the WHO Pandemic Treaty and International Health Regulations
Dear MP

The Dangers of the WHO Pandemic Treaty and International Health Regulations

This should be concerning to anyone who calls himself a democrat.

The World Health Organisation is proposing legally binding amendments to their previous regulations (which were simply recommendations), together with a new treaty, which will give them totalitarian control over 194 nation states and the power to suspend national constitutions and human rights and impose measures on the populace without their consent.

It is basically a dictator’s charter being introduced by stealth and claiming absolute power over democratic governments, on the pretext of protecting us against biological threats, with no checks or balances or any ‘stop button’ to remedy abuses.

Under these new regulations, the WHO will have the power to decide what constitutes a public health emergency and what restrictions and medical procedures will be imposed on everyone, without informed consent or debate. The WHO will control the information monopoly, disseminating a ‘single source of truth’ and censoring any opposing views, with no mechanism to challenge their decisions.

They could, if they so wished, order a country’s population to be locked indoors and injected with potentially harmful substances, and the government of that country would be sanctioned if it refused to enforce these orders. Such tyranny could continue into future generations (in the same way that we see with communist regimes), as there would be no legal means of escaping it, and anyone suggesting alternative methods would be silenced and criminalised for spreading ‘disinformation’. It would mean an end to free speech and bodily autonomy, and an open door to abuse of power, with the populace controlled by fear, propaganda and the threat of losing their rights and privileges.

Nobody in their right mind would want such a regime imposed on them, but the mainstream media are not informing us of this pending threat to our liberties, and the average politician is unaware of the danger we are in.

The amendments to the International Health Regulations will come into force next May with no vote in national parliament. We must therefore urge our Prime Minister to send an immediate letter of rejection to the World Health Assembly general director before our once-free nation becomes an autocracy.




Isisbridge said:



We should all be concerned about the political silence on this matter.

If we don't do anything, amendments will come into force by default,
giving far-reaching powers to unelected WHO officials,
enabling them to make unchallengeable decisions
concerning our personal liberties and bodily autonomy.


When people have raised this issue in the past, MPs have tended to say,
"There's nothing legally binding. It will only be advisory."
On the contrary: the new amendments will have the force of the law.
They will override our national sovereignty.
5 months ago

Isisbridge said:


MP Andrew Bridgen has brought forward a suggested bill called Parliamentary Sovereignty, which was given its first reading on 24th October 2023. This is a bill to prevent future governments from handing over our sovereignty to organisations like the WHO.

5 months ago

John FitzGerald said:

That bill is what you need. The Canadian government which you would expect to be infatuated with this idea, says on its website "The WHO has no jurisdiction in Canada, and Canada will remain in control of any future domestic decisions about national restrictions or other measures related to pandemics." Poorer states may be unable to take this stand, though.

I never understood why the UK gave up sovereignty to enter the EU, a body ruled by an appointed executive council.
5 months ago

Isisbridge replied to John FitzGerald:

Britain's MPs are largely asleep or complicit, and the mainstream media keep the public in ignorance. So anyone drawing attention to these matters is labelled a 'conspiracy theorist'.

I'm sorry to break this to you, but Canada is also signed up to the WHO pandemic regulations, and you can be sure that your friendly-faced dictator is fully on board with it.

AI tells me: "Canada is working to strengthen the International Health Regulations (IHR),
an international instrument that is legally binding on 196 countries, including Canada."

5 months ago

Isisbridge said:

Dr. Tess Lawrie on WHO power
4 months ago ( translate )

Isisbridge said:

Monday 18th December 2023
UK Parliament E-petition Debate relating to the International Health Regulations 2005

Dr Tess Lawrie on IHR debate in Parliament
4 months ago

Isisbridge said:

globalists in their own words

creating a futuristic dystopia and the end of humanity as we know it
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Isisbridge said:

WEF and WHO raise alarm about yet-to-be-released "Disease X"

The WEF and Gates are doing it again and they're not even hiding it
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Isisbridge said:

This is WHO we'll have to obey - the Tedros geezer in the flat cap
3 months ago

Isisbridge said:

A new dark age - Professor Angus Dalgleish, physician, oncologist,
pathologist, medical researcher and author of The Death of Science

"I think the next pandemic will be arranged. I don't think it's going to be chance."
8 weeks ago