ipxUploader - New Beta Preview
Two weeks later and after a busy weekend I have a new preview for you, where you can see all promised to do's in a new version.

Mainly I had some major bugfixing, reducing memory usage and ipernity ticket upload checking, along with completing default settings like permissions for tags & comments (where I am still working on).

Hopy you are all still interested, please keep a little bit patient, so that we can start with the test with a good golden beta...

Version 0.9.3 just finished this weekend. Nearly no technical issues resting now for beta test. I am very busy in other projects at the moment, but hopfully I can provide end of next week the installation .dmg!

Version 0.9.5 had just been delivered to the beta test group. If you want to join, send me an iper Mail, you are invited! Version 0.9.6 in is progress...

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