So will this be a good thing for me or not? Sort of a rant here.....
But I'm just not sure how this is going to work. I doubt it will be in my favor.
One of the women at my company runs the Office Services department. Mail room, messengers, building supplies, etc. She has several areas and employees under her. She's finally retiring February 1st. I just found out this morning from my boss that I will be taking over several of her responsibilities to do with billing for our phone systems and cell phones. Now our company has the NYC home building, my building where I work, we own 3 hotels and have several satellite offices. ALL of which have phones of course.. The people have the cell phones, both blackberries and IPhones.. And of course there's the land lines.. Also we have Voice over IP (Internet based) phones. I already handle some of the bills for our equipment.. I won't bother to explain but it's the equipment that actually makes the phones work. Sonet rings and T1's etc. It's rather complex. I understand it mainly because I used to work for the Phone company before divestiture in 1984 from ATT. That's when I left to become a mother. And my Rick worked for Verizon till he retired 4 years ago. He was a NetworkTechnician and he'd explain how things worked and even let me go in the office and build circuits.. Told you before, I'm a little bit of a geek.. Still this isn't like I get to play and build this.. It's just the boring and tedious billing of it.. Blah!
Anyway the stuff I'll be getting covers several hundred more employees and phones.. And this may only be the tip of what I get. I'll know more tomorrow afternoon as I have a meeting between myself, this woman, my boss and his boss.. You know, the guy who wouldn't pay me for working at home when I had the Tendinitis?
I asked my boss if this meant anything good for us/me.. He said probably not. So likely I'll just be getting more work for the same pay.. Which actually is less than last year with the new tax tables our lovely government started January 1st. Always nice to get a raise and take less home..
I guess there's always the possibility when NEXT year comes and we get our review I'll get some more... I'm not going to hold my breath..That's the way thing work today. Just be happy you have a job is the attitude. And basically in my department, even tho I do a lot of the same work the guys do (been trying to curb that somewhat lately) I'm a woman and get paid substantially less! And "they" say we're treated as equals! Hah! I think I'm missing something! But since my income is now the only income we have, I don't have much choice right now. All I can do is hope it's not that bad.. Depending how the bosses handle this could well determine whether I'll retire in 3.5 years. Or whether I leave earlier or stay longer.. We shall see.. Hopefully sooner rather than later.


Jenny McIntyre said:

Oh dear what a dilemma Gracie, I was in that position once, given more work and responsibility and yet no extra pay and my daughter is now in the same position. I believe that as long as we keep doing all this extra work for nothing, the bosses are happy - more money in their pockets of course.

Ask if there is anyone else in the running for this extra work as you are pretty well full up at the moment!!! Maybe there is a man who would be happy to do the extra work, after all they are paid more!!! Or you could ask for a job description that you both sign, so no extras are added on without negotiation!!!

All I can say is good luck tomorrow and try not to kowtow down to them. They wouldn't be able to get rid of you, otherwise you could take them to the cleaners for unfair dismissal!!!
10 years ago

Gracie replied to Jenny McIntyre:

Jenny they can get rid of me if they want to.. Mine is what they call a "right to fire" state.. In other words, basically they can get rid of me without any major reason. As long as they don't violate some politically correct nonsense like saying "We need less women and more men".. they can more or less fire as they want!
10 years ago

Mickey fez said:

oh dear the problem of labour is the same here if you don't do the job at their price they will find somebody who will.They are always going on about employee loyalty,they want to put their house in order and pay a fair wage then they would get more
10 years ago

Stormlizard said:

I agree with Mickey, any person that works for pay is entitled to a level of respect.
10 years ago